Friday, March 13, 2009


I've just not been my week, yes Arsenal just about beat Roma in the Champions League, trhanks to Julio Baptista playing the way he usually does. I've hardly slept in the last few days, and have survived on a diet of pure coffee and (yesterday at least) French Fries.
But we'll get to the French Fry bit later on, but surprisingly it was great fun. You know the bit about life being about experiences and doing a whole host of things before you die. Well, at the rate I'm going I have fairly impressive list of 'Things I really wonder why I did but don't really have a problem having in a stupid list' list. Hey, I've been to a radial tyre factory. Have you? Trust me, it isn't half as exciting as sitting on a beach supping on a freshly caught lobster with a nice glass of Pinot by your side.
But then again, I've been to a radial tyre factory. And factories and places where several everyday things are made and strange things happen. I've been inside the homes of guys who have killed themselves with pesticide so that their families can get government compensation. I've seen pits with thousands of dead chickens and I've eaten the most amazing food at some of the most ridiculously expensive places.
But sometimes I feel like I need to sleep. And right now at four in the afternoon, with my body screaming out loudly that it needs to sleep I want to go back to a nice comfortable bed. And snore. So please excuse this post. I don't think the bhang has totally come off as yet and my face is still pink. These mid-week festivals take a heavy toll.

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xaindia said...

Is this a true story? people killing themselves just to get government support? It's not justice...I can't help by cry...I don't want stories like this to continue, better start doing something to eradicate poverty so as to shun this "setting". Very sad, "sigh"