Friday, October 24, 2008


I realised on Monday that this was going to be a bad week, as schedules have been brought forward and work has to be done faster than usual. Worse still, for me, my prior commitments meant that I had to show up at certain places bang in the middle of the day. As it is, I'm charged up on far too much sugar thanks to the Diwali gifts that we can accept - such as chocolate - so I've really not thought much of working till late and then finding a nice card party to go to so that I can win some cash and drink myself silly. Well, don't give me a moral lecture, because I'm like this only. Right now, I could do with a drink, a really stiff one and one without some of the insects that have decided to make Delhi their home over the past few days.
We live in interesting times and after today's markets and the continued denial of anything being wrong by the powers that be, I don't really think that we're headed into good times. Already certain channels are slipping back on payments and the recent events at Sakal Times which launched and is now quickly trying to un-launch itself is just an indication of what is going to happen. Even larger, fairly profitable organisations are putting informal hiring freezes in place and peripheral operations - such as supplements are going to see budgets slashed. Already, some realty supplements are under pressure, and this is just print. Television will see far, far worse. The reporters who were reporting on the Jet fiasco will face a fiasco of their own and I really think some channels will shut down fairly soon if they don't start letting people go.
I'm not being a fear monger, but one reason I've been slogging my ass off is because I know things aren't good. But that doesn't mean that you should not pick up a nice glass of Scotch and down it. Cheers!

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Anonymous said...

....and one without some of the incests."

I presume you mean insects! Although in Delhi I wouldn't be surprised at anything!!