Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nice article

I've always found Scott Carney's articles in Wired very informative, surprising that the international media often covers India better than we cover ourselves. Of course, they don't need to face political masters or advertisers in the same way that we do (though very often some articles seem to have a surprising lilt to the left and use far too many cliches, but not all of them), but as I was reading this month's magazine, I found this article on the land mafia in Bangalore very good. However, if you're reading this Scott, my favourite article of yours was this one last year.
After attending a rather insane cards party last night, and though I was priced out of playing, I am not so sure the economy is as bad as I thought it was. Or maybe it was the last hurrah before things get really bad. The TiE conference at the Maurya was one large denial session though some at the dinner pointed out that this would be of the last 'free daaru' parties for a while. Though I doubt we'll drink less Scotch! That said, I believe that some networks are looking at cutting back 'subsidiary' channels that they had started over the past few months. Some networks, including one funded by real estate isn't even taking off. I feel really sorry for the chaps who quit for huge sums of money... Anyway, I won't badger a former target but their 'Government' page a few days ago was horrific - advertising in the guise of editorial content. Ouch! Can't really reclaim the bastion like that.
PS: Note to Vogue India - Victoria Beckham??? Why? If you had to do a WAG - why not Cheryl Cole or Louise Redknapp.

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Don't know if you follow Scott's blog, here is the link with the article you mentioned too.