Friday, October 17, 2008

Thank God for iPod's!

Really, because I was too tired to go out last night - I can't believe I'm writing such things but honestly, after a long time, I didn't get a second wind of energy at nine at night. I even passed out with NDTV India running - surprising how insane the the Hindi arms of NDTV and IBN are, in fact IBN7 is positively scary at times with a combination of half-truths and fear, really, they make India TV look intelligent. NDTV India is often an ideological counterweight to NDTV 24x7, which makes more interesting to watch sometimes.
I am taken aback everytime I travel out of Delhi about how insane the 'media boom' has become in this country - there seem to be nearly 50 Telegu channels. That is one hell of a lot and while I understand that AP is a rich state, 50 channels does seem like a bit much. Just like we have a few airlines too many, across the country I think we have about 500 channels too many. I just have a bad feeling that like aviation which came crashing down to the ground this week, the media gold-rush could see a lot of sullen faces rather soon. I wonder if the launch plans of the channels that we were supposed to see will carry through. I guess ET-TV will, because Bennett is not running short on cash, but the others - the ones funded by the real estate boom for example. I just wonder if some Audi's and Merc's will have homes anymore!
Anyway, the new Kings of Leon album is really, really nice, and I really suggest that if you like good old style rock, that you should listen to it. The first single is nice, but the rest of the album is also pretty good, excellent in fact.


Anonymous said...

Watch your spelling, boy! It's Telugu.

As any self-respecting Bong will tell you, Telegu is "shit in oil"

Mr. Banerjee said...

Out of topic, but i hate Steve Jobs for not allowing music purchaes from India in the itunes store.
But hey, who needs itunes store when you have limewire and p2p file sharing?

Anonymous said...

do u know that more than 80% of Andhra is cabled??? Now shudnt that explain 50 channels in Telugu...

Anonymous said...

Eats Shoots and Leaves