Tuesday, October 07, 2008


My political sympathies are fairly well established, but events of the past month or so make you cringe. If the BJP or NDA has any plans of staying in power for a sustained period of time they desperately need to get over the politics of fear that they have successfully managed to exploit using the loony right. The same clowns who try to lecture us on moral policing - about holding hands. Get a job, please - this government will vote itself out - don't shoot yourself in the foot.
But I've also been fascinated by the recent 'raids on raves' by the Rajasthan and Mumbai Police. Strange that when the rich get arrested, talk of human rights comes to the fore. The police obviously don't know what human rights are - invasive procedure like blood tests cannot be done sans a warrant. But what amuses me most is that the parents of these kids say they don't do drugs. The next thing you know, they'll say that their kids don't have sex either. Listen, Delhi and Bombay are hopped up on drugs - they found 850 drops of LSD at that party. Which, even accounting for police over-estimation is a hell of a lot.
But, I won't go there because I don't have to. I'm just waiting for the 'rave' sting operation or one of the Hindi channels asking one of their reporters to experiment with LSD (Maybe if an anchor took LSD before going on air - would the cameras look like monsters). maybe, they should do a 'rave sting' operation and do a lot of eccies - see the love people, see the love! What if you gave acid to the anchor of India's most pompous talk show - that would be something worth watching. But I'll wait for the illiterate to start writing crap and these are the same guys who claim they like Pink Floyd. Oh well!
Remember kids, drugs are bad for you - very, very bad, that's why... well to each their own. But before popping something in your mouth or up your nostril, know what you are doing.

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