Saturday, October 25, 2008

And before I sign off for the weekend...

Just thought I would bring something to every one's notice, though I'm a bit late to the party.
Raju says that Sunita is a 'thief' (or at least employs thieves). (would this be called Copyright 'Infringemint' in this case?)
SpicyIP's take on the issue - (this is a great blog for anyone who tracks IP matters in India).
Such fun! Stay tuned for more and wait until Sunita's 'dear friend' Suhel wades into the issue.
PS: Anyone else planning a trip down to watch Russell Peters in Delhi? And Vodafone please stop sending me twenty SMS's a day with messages that I can win money and women by calling a special number.

EDIT: I've been sitting in office waiting for playbacks and generally surfing around - found a fantastic blog which a sure sign of the times!


Anonymous said...

1. ET has put mantra, the planned fin tabloid, on hold. Does the Sensex have anything to do with it?
2. Rahul J has moved to Delhi to launch ETTV. Internal deadline: December end. Who's their star anchor?
3. Forbes India launch still uncertain. Key issues to be re-resolved by partners. Yes, re-resolved. Like franchise route or JV? Current valuations don't make things look sexy for Mr Valuationaddict. Meanwhile, its design maven, where is he? Has he fled already?
4. And why is DNA getting tepid feet in Bangalore? What happened?
5. Who's buying Mid-Day?
6. We thought this was a media blog, K. Let's have some answers to the above.

Anonymous said...

this isn't a media blog anymore... it is a personal blog, kind of rambling and pointless one and a very irregularly updated one at that...

thalassa_mikra said...

I wonder if this would have happened if Anil Agarwal would have still been at the helm? I really liked the man - Sunita is a ridiculous woman.

And Sunita and Suhel are buddies? What a curious combination - something that could have only been born in the portals of IIC (I've often seen Suhel schmooze his way through the place).