Saturday, November 03, 2007

Roti kyon nahin ho?

A very close friend of mine who works as a photographer with a daily, or rather used to work in a daily as he has just shifted to a national news magazine, came over last night and was narrating a strange incident. As all Dillivasi's are aware, Blueline buses have been mowing down a person every two days on average this year, so my friend was at the scene of one such event. The family of the victim, a small child, four or five years old was still coming to terms with what had happened, the mother was still in shock. That however, did not stop the TV crew of a local channel from Delhi.

"Aap toh dukhi nahin lag rahe hai?"
"Roti kyon nahin ho?"

What can you say to that!
This is not the only incident where Television cameramen/reporters have been known to get a bit too over-enthusiastic and manipulate the images they show. In the hyper-competitive world of TV journalism today, even though no-body might be watching a particular channel unless they have relatives working there (which kind of guarantees viewership nowadays), I think boundaries are being crossed a bit too often.
In a related story, despite eveything, 'Live India' has managed to get away scot-free from the 'Non-Sting' incident. I'm appalled at the decision by the court, but in India's lower judiciary, anything goes, I guess!
I'll be far, far away in a distant outpost of this Republic, so excuse me till I return!


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Sort of reminds you of "Anyone Here Been Raped And Speaks English?" :-)

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