Thursday, November 01, 2007


Now, now, immature maybe, sladerous? Me? I don't make up stuff.
Anyway, I read this earlier today and am still laughing.

To quote...

" Pleading for a judicial intervention in the matter, the former Director General of BSF Prakash Singh, who is one of the petitioners, contended that children of the country were exposed to the uncensored obscene pictures adversely affecting their mind.

"I have collected the papers from all over the world and no newspaper publishes such obscene pictures," Singh contended while placing the copies of the newspaper before the Court."

Evidently, Mr Singh does not read The Sun at all, or did not submit it to the court, lest it ruin his case. But, I do contend that busybodies like Mr Singh should close his eyes, or stick to the Hindu group of publications! And this is my blog, so give me a frikking break, if I don't like someone, and I think someone is a cunt, big deal! So what if so many of you know who I am, I guess we are all allowed some venting time occasionally.
Anyway, evidently, the Registrar of Newspapers in India (RNI) has held up the application for a media group's new daily paper, which was supposed to have been launched by now. While, looking at some of the people that the paper has hired (has-been's) you might doubt its shelf-life, it also has some pretty smart people. But I wonder how long they will want to stay on board. Plus, competing with the Times of India is a pleasant prospect!

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thalassa_mikra said...

Damn right this is your blog! I can't believe there are people who get all self-righteous about these things.