Friday, November 02, 2007

Falling asleep!

While I have fallen asleep, and quite soundly too, during Press Conferences, which is a major reason why I sometimes go into some briefings with my ears snugly plugged into my iPod, I recently found myself very close to dozing off during a 1-on-1 interview. It wasn't so much the fact that I was bored, yes, meetings full of technology jargon can bore me, I still usually manage to stay up. I mean, have a semblance of life, not roll my eyes and let the sandman take me from behind.
But, as I mentioned, I almost did doze off, and honestly, it wasn't so much boredom as a combination of boredom and tiredness. I had caught a flight at some obscene hour in the morning and coffee can only do so much when you are already tired and to make matters worse, this was that dreaded 'post-lunch' meeting. See, there is a reason I usually skip lunch. Eating lunch, no matter how good and how healthy the biological types insist it is makes me completely useless for an hour. Of course, there are also good sushi lunches which leave me awake, but that is because I'm still tasting Otaru in my mouth, and that is a wonderful feeling. Sadly, daily sushi lunches are not an option.
Anyway, I did not actually snooze off in front of the guy I was meeting, even though the thought of attaching my eyelashes to my spectacle frames did strike me. What is worse is that in my semi-stoned state I managed to make complete sense in what I was asking. I surprised myself by asking stuff, I was even comprehending what the person I was meeting was telling me, though my eyes could barely focus on his face.
Anyway, I doubt I'm the only one who has had to face such a situation, but I would like to know if there is anybody who has actually dozed off during an interview?

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thalassa_mikra said...

I've dozed off in classes with fewer than 5 students - that's almost 1-on-1. If your interviewees love to yak on as much as professors do, they sure as hell won't notice.

And err....otoro, no?