Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Just where is Brinda Karat?

I was watching Mamta Banerjee on NDTV last night asking "Where is this Mao?" Well, Mao is kept at a mausoleum in Beijing, so she could take the (delayed) Air India flight from Delhi to Beijing if she wanted to see him. But, I was wondering where India's #1 protester Brinda Karat has disappeared? Coincidence? I'm sure she was upset that her husband's Bengali goon's beat up her comrade-in-arms Medha Patkar. Somewhere out there, Narendra Modi is laughing. Very loudly!


Anonymous said...

she was on Devil's Advocate on CNN-IBN this past Sunday. Here is the link..

Prudent Indian said...

May be experimenting to concoct a more 'potent' mix of 'Dum Dum Dawai' to be administrated on Lawless subjects of West Bengal!