Friday, February 09, 2007

So who exactly was the first Indian civilian to fly the F-16?

Headlines Today, which was the only channel which had ad-less wall-to-wall coverage of the insidious plot to finish off Mamta Banerjee's favourite industrialist in a fiery crash (not!) claims that it was Mister T who was the first. I kinda doubted that, simply because I happen to know Flyboy! And when I told Flyboy, he was most incensed at this, because he flew the Falcon a few hours before that, "I was the first Indian civilian to fly the F-16", he insisted, before adding that he was also the first Indian civilian on the F-18 E/F SuperHornet and the MiG-35. Now, before we all feel jealous of Flyboy, and I truly am, therefore he always buys the drinks whenever I meet him, the question here is how did Headlines Today manage to make such a goof-up? Is it because the channel has a younger average age than that of MTV Networks (the ad-free nature is because nobody advertises there) and has a 26-year old as boss? Hmmm...
But then again, when was the last time you actually put on Headlines Today on TV out of choice, or put it on even out of compulsion? Hmmm... Well, then again, the ad-free coverage of events like this does make it a lot more pleasant than the Hindi News channels which are interrupted baniyan adverts by film superstars, or the other high-brow English Channel (No, this does not include Times Now, which well is not the worst English channel only by default) which have high-brow advertisements which are made to win awards at the Abby's (and somehow always come out in late January!). Anyway, Flyboy is upset and I shall console him with some whiskey and talk of the 'Brotherhood'.
Anyway, since talk has been of Headlines Today, lets start the WTFROTD - which involves the same channel and the talk that TV Today is looking to dispose of it. Now, after the India Today Group rid itself of Red FM, brand and all, getting rid of this TV Channel laden with brand, is not implausible. But, my question is who on earth will buy it? Because, the biggest predator on the block, aka TV18, certainly won't, because the latest rumour surrounding them is that TV18 is looking at getting Cybermedia, but as friends from inside say, there is a new rumour everyday. Of course, the BS rumour has been squashed, but I'm still trying to figure out what will happen to BS if WSJ buys FT and then there is that little thing with Papermint and then Papermint and BS merge into this completely imcomprehensible product, while people continue to buy just ET. Anyway, I think I'm going a bit crazy, should have skipped the beer at lunch!
A couple of quick points - I'll be fairly busy all through next week, so I'll try and do some quick one-liners if I can, but don't bet on it. And do build up readership at the new blog - here is yet another link to it!


Anonymous said...

Buy He@dlines T0d@y..hee hee
Whoeve wants OB vans and dear real estate..even if on hire, to open an office and that too*desperatelyy* will buy it ..hee hee
is grrrrr..grrrr.Whoever buys it pls look into ur transkission err transmission :)

K said...

But since the establishment costs of a channel are minimal, would someone really want HT?

thalassa_mikra said...

Loved your little aside about the Abbys.

If it makes the Flyboy feel any better, tell him he looks much better in his fighter pilot suit than Mr. T (which probably accounts for his substantial number of desperate Orkut stalkers).

I lived next to an F-16 pilot in the Marines for an entire summer once. Nice guy, he was actually studying part time for a PhD. Who would have thunk?

K said...

This comment was left by the last commenter who wanted it deleted, but I think it is really lucid so, I'm removing the persons id. Trust me, I didn't write this!

take a look at the free press journal this time of the year. almost like an indian one show filled with hole-in-the-wall restaurants, aromatherapy spas, coffin makers that (very un-ad agency like) have media plans recommending them to advertise just once a year. the truth is, ad folks need to reward themselves somehow because we know that what we're doing is fundamentally worthless. we need that moment of glory which makes it all seem genuine, even if it's for a fleeting moment. but that's just my view. nothing wrong with that so perhaps it's time to make this whole messy affair legit and introduce a 'scam ad' category. that would be brilliant, come to think of it.