Monday, February 26, 2007

In Defense of Anonymity

Or in my case, as a couple of people have mentioned - Psuedonymous - or is that the right spelling. Whatever it is, I will get that silly red squiggly line any which way. See, I have never tried to really hide my identity, it is too difficult maintaining the facade, I did initially but then, and if you've been reading this blog frequently, you probably already know me. I will be the first to admit that I have made a lot of friends through blogging and while some of my friends (from earlier times) find the entire concept peculiar (just like I find social networking peculiar) but I have discovered all sorts of people through blogging.
So the question is, why on earth I don't I jump out of the cake and take off the few shreds of anonymity I still have? Well, there are a couple of reasons actually. I've rather begun to like 'K', I've always been slightly schizo, but 'K' is the nice guy that I am not. And maybe, I think I have a soft spot for the guy, it would be unfair to kill him off. I know that regular updates are rarer nowadays, partially because I'm not as vela as I once was, I am genuinely working harder and secondly, I currently maintaining three blogs - one of which is actually a signed blog. And talking about signed blogs, I am fairly sure that in the coming months there will be a few more blogs where I won't be signing off as 'K' but using the entire name that my parents happened to bestow on me in a moment of serendipity.
So will this blog remain? Obviously it will. I mean where else can I post incongruous stories. Like the silly happenings over at Mid-Day, where well, TA just asked a person they recently hired last year (after his stint at EchTee, which ended in disaster) to move on - evidently because there was a major Editor-Reporter disconnect and from all indications there was a near mutiny. I don't want to speculate much beyond this, but my god, how the mighty have fallen. Someone once told me that it isn't a great idea to the top at the speed of light because if everybody knows that if that happens you would have sold your soul to the Devil, and the Devil is a hard taskmaster and you will go down and people will take a perverse pride in watching you go down in flames. Good enough reason to turn down a promotion? Doubt it, but it does make you think.
But K's blog will remain, no matter what people write about how 'unsigned anonymous' bloggers having no editorial control. No, I have complete editorial control over this blog, and this is not a bitchboard. I also realise that blogs, or rather Blogs and other Web 2.0 elements will dramatically alter the way people use and consume media and no matter how many Edit page middles you write, that is a pretty much undeniable fact. But yes, I will put in more effort into 'officially sanctioned' signed blogs, because that is what is going to be funding me.
Here's to you K, you changed my life. I think. Maybe. Whatever.
Like I need an excuse to get drunk.
- Your Alter Ego

EDIT : Didn't win the Indibloggies business, anyway I have a couple of thoughts on the 'awards', but I will not elucidate them right now because the opinions would seem in very poor (and 'sore loser') taste - even though I should know that an award is only an award unless it involves a free trip to America. But more on that later.


livinghigh said...

lol. how abt a Filmfare to take ure mind off the indibloggie loss? :)

Jabberwock said...

Is that "Wockiness" link on your sidebar meant to be for my blog? Because if so, the URL is wrong.

Anonymous said...

errrr ... appraisal round the corner?

- Bonatellis

Anonymous said...

just went thru your signed blog. are you re-printing some of your articles by any chance?

- Bonatellis

Rashmi Bansal said...

I think you should stay anonymous and those who don't get who you are or what you are saying can keep guessing. Compared to other media blogs you've been fairly responsible but reasonably gossipy. A difficult balance to maintain :)