Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Imagine what the TV channels are feeling with hours of programming planned into the wee hours of the night on the budget, but thankfully, this budget turned out to be the non-event everybody expected it to be, it was nothing more than a glorified election speech for Uttar Pradesh. But given the soft spot ChiCho (don't ask me to expand) has for North Indian lasses, his Hindi makes my Hindi look good. At least I can read the language, I just suffer from the Bengali's curse - a total inability to comprehend gender in Hindi (surprising since my father's Hindi is pretty much perfect and he didn't leave Calcutta until he was 17).
As the managing director of one large company told me, "Phus tha na? Aaj office mein rehna chahiye tha muje." But that said, wile the budget didn't do much for industry, it did have some decent ideas for the rural economy and healthcare. Not a bad budget, but essentially a non-event. I figure increasingly that policy pronouncements will be made through the year and not on 28.02 anymore. Nice day actually, the weather has turned again with it getting surprisingly cold, windy and wet.


thalassa_mikra said...

Didn't you grow up in Delhi? Then why the gender confusion?

Tarana said...

Perfectly a non-event. Not that we could dare expect much out of this budget either! An interesting analogy just popped into my head - every World Cup the Indian team gets into the bus to the rants of 'Jeetega India' and every time they disappoint us completely. Despite the fact that this is repeated every year, we continue to see them off, hope brimming in our hearts. The same thing happens with the Budget every year.