Monday, February 05, 2007


What the Media Editor said a few days ago - KBC slipping, King Khan needs a lifeline. (Page 1 anchor Feb 3)
What the in-house TV-reviewer says today - Channel's star shines with SRK (Page 8 Nation Page, Delhi Metro edition - the online link isn't functioning as yet, but I'll have it up the moment I can)
Sometimes the best stuff about newspapers doesn't need to be thought up in someone's mind, the politics comes out right in the open. Joys! But this happened in Delhi, I don't know if Poonam's story was carried in Bombay. Could have been since Gurbir is on a witch-hunt against some bloggers (and UndieTV is happily attacking bloggers too) - more about that on a later date, because that will require a fairly complex understanding on the new medium that is the internet and I want to write a long post on that.
Two new papers in seven days, quite a bit for most people to handle. But MetroNOW is virtual facsimilie of Today, only a hell of a lot better. But the problem there is that, it was a given. I mean, Times Now almost instantly became better than Headlines Today, it is pretty bleeping obvious. But has Times Now come anywhere close to dethroning the top two channels? Seriously, given a choice between DD and Times Now, even Krishi Darshan is more fun. But Metro Now is a well-designed product, relatively clean product, and I guess still finding its feet. However, after reading Mumbai Mirror fairly religiously during my time down in Bombay, I still feel that the Mirror is still (and despite the number of people leaving) the best small-format paper in the country just because it is so delightfully vapid (but still tells you what big idiots the BMC are!), I find the Mid-Day a bit too crowded and confusing to navigate.
But their team of reporters (almost all from Today mind you!) and some editors do have some amount of street cred, and as with Papermint, I still believe it is unfair to damn a product which will be a daily on Day 1, and I must admit Papermint has improved a bit, and is getting slightly more newsy, but nowhere near the amount it has to be to displace other papers from the #2 business daily slot.
Just ask yourself, just how many papers is it humanly possible for an John (or in India, Jai) Doe to read in a day, and if you are a journalist, don't think as one. One mainstream and maybe one financial and a tabloid as a long-shot - like in Bombay (but it must be said in some homes, a second daily is now taking hold)? Or because there has been a fairly noticable improvement in ToI, which still remains staple #1 newspaper, will someone take ToI plus a second (HT) and skip financial dailies altogether but take a tabloid - like the Delhi market (Financial papers are weaker in Delhi). Hmmm, questions to ponder about.


Jabberwock said...

...just how many papers is it humanly possible for an John (or in India, Jai) Doe to read in a day...

Just for the record, I'm currently writing for more papers than I'm reading - which tells you something about the state of Indian journalism...


Anonymous said...

HT Mum had Poonam's story but inside. Plus a big shot (little ads and lotsa space u see) of the lady in saree and all. But G's story was a big flyer below the masthead. So far no pic of the shaven sardar tho.

Another hot tip: Mumbai Press Club under G is undergoing a Rs 1 crore renovation. The place is just abt 2000 square feet in area. A lot of people who opposed him have been beaten up and thrown out of the club.

Of course G immediately rushes to the police station and files complaint of assault against his victims!!!!!