Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I must admit, I went to the Indibloggies 2006 because my Gmail was full of people sending emails with 'Vote For Meeeeee'. Hmmm, well so I decided to drop by the Indibloggies and see what the noise was all about, and it seems that someone was in a generous mood and nominated me! Ouch!
I kinda hate competition, so I won't fall at my feet and plead that you vote for me, because in the 'Best Topical Indiblog' category there are blogs like Rashmi's YouthCurry nominated, which I genuinely find interesting, there are other blogs nominated which are bonafide members of the loony left or loony right, but entertaining and there are blogs like Greatbong's which are genuinely funny. But, as Penelope Cruz said on Jay Leno the other night, I'm flattered to have been nominated and best of luck to all the blogs out there. I really hope the best one wins and not the belonging to persons whose lives revolve around their 1001 friends on Orkut and its ilk (OK, so I voted for myself in my own category, but I won't admit anything else).
Regular programming resumes shortly!


Shashikant said...

Arggh... They wrote title of your blog as Presstalk intead of "Don't Trust...". I've already voted. Count my vote for you.

Anonymous said...

k..in case u get over the \'flat tyrey\' can u get some \'dope\' om b@b@\'s case
now dont ask which... \'signor@z b@mbino\' ..
not revealing what the thingy is..
help yourself
the guy is \'aha sharp genial crude \' (think dy\\\'nasti\\\'c)
he and friends did something rude..
now all the lawyerz are \' ha ha clear persuading\' (think dy\\\'nasti\\\'c) the people of \' a fenugeek \' to keep quiet

K said...

Anon : I've figured out what you're talking about, however I don't have any details whatsoever on the case, will try and find out more, otherwise email me.

Anonymous said...

mee too mee too...i've also figured who you guys are talking about!

puresunshine said...

I came across ur blog when i was reading reviews of (paper) mint. and i am hooked! great blog. U deserve the nomination.

Anonymous said...

K...how about writing on the Santra deal which didn't go Mr A's way.

Bonatellis06 said...

it's been two weeks of Mint ... looks like the hole is getting bigger ...
what's the feedback from delhi? i mean, what is the fraternity saying?

in bombay, all who had been scared (whether they admitted it or not) appear to be VERY relaxed now after seeing the product.

Raccoon said...

i went to that site through greatbong's who's put a sticky on his blog for it...and voted for you too:)

have you seen this site?