Monday, July 24, 2006


Damn, a year and half on not only is this blog thriving, it has gotten to 420 posts. I'm amazed that I've managed to fill over a million words (approximately) of utter drivel on the interwebs.
It is amazing how 420 means different things in different cultures - the time to light up a fatty in stoner lingo and a conman in desi-lingo. I'm sure, these numbers have other meanings as well. Must be something etched into our brain with 420. But I'm amazed this blog has reached so many posts - can't carry on at one a day anymore but 420 in 19 months isn't too bad I figure!
Back to current affairs.
To be honest, when blogs were blocked I honestly did not know how to react - but rather I wanted to watch the fun. Why react when everyone else is going to anyway - sure there is a level of righteous indignation at the government - "How dare they!" and all that. And of course, since half the journalists in the country also maintain a blog (or an online bitch-board) you would expect a lot of stories to appear in the media against this decision. And the government's excuses - I doubt the government kahani though, but alls well that ends well, and the evil Italian and her minions have been foiled once again.
Now, they will go back to their top secret lair called the NAC and start a plot anew - will the veshti devise some new tax or a 200 page IT form, or will the doddering raja think up some new quota? Wait and watch, in a new episode of 'The Italian' - only at DTTIM.
But seriously, in a country where books get banned at the drop of a hat and where the government wants all sort of control over the media - ask around the newspaper offices and ask them how paranoid all the major dailies are about doing a very negative story on the government because they'll lose the bloody PIB adverts and Tenders. Blogs are well, more free, and we don't depend on tenders, just the few odd cents that Google throws our way once in a while. Must most blogs are inane drivel, and most desi blogs are patently unreadable. Not all desi blogs, but most. Therefore, I've sometimes wondered how a blog like this, which is extremely boring at times, can maintain the huge number of hits it does sometimes?
Anyway, if you're wondering why the template was changed - blame my office. We are saddled with the most godawful computer hardware in the world and we're lucky. I believe that the hardware was even worse before 'an unfortunate incident'. Not only that, our internet connection, that is for ten people is around 128 kbps! What do you in such situations, bang your head on the screen while waiting for a webpage to load - even Google searches take forever. I love my organisations, I really enjoy working for my editors, but for god's sake - computers and IT are supposed to be productivity 'enhancers' not the opposite.
To cut to the chase, I was editing the blog template, when in a flash - a hung connection, I lost it all. So I was forced to change the look. The other blog had this change made to it a few months ago, so I decided to apply it here, updated the links column too, and made Adsense more readable. Any comments on the look?


Nazim.k said...

ha ha ha! so u changed the template. By accident, though. It's suddenly become very much readable. Congo

thalassa_mikra said...

Isn't this what your original template used to be. I happen to like blue templates, so no complaints there!

Praney Deb said...

blog virgin

hi. this is like my first time on a blog. you are the first person i am sending this message to (though i may cut&paste & send it to others as well..) but seriously please visit my blog & do 'elp...


ps: i am lost :D

terah745 said...

420 is it?

Is it the eleventh letter?

No it the thirteenth.

So when you minus.

You get the two.

And when you add you get the four.

Tell me.

What is Zero?

shivam said...

Please Change This Template!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah..its an eyesore

K said...

Arre Shivam, you're going to flood me with comments saying you hate this - I'll have to change it because it seems it doesn't work too well on MSIE. But that will have to wait till Saturday because I don't have time till then.

shivam said...

it doesn't look good on Firefox either!

There aren't too many excuses to defend a bad choice my lord!