Friday, July 28, 2006

The Italian job...

According to my dear, and now somehow married friend, the Snake - the true story behind the blog ban is that they all insulted the Italian. Not that I hadn't correctly analysed this theory some time ago, but I'm amazed that a Congressi such as Rajdeep allowed Snake to do this! Kudos to Rajdeep TV, but I'm not exactly gonna take back all the mean things I've said about them.
But, then again there is censorship and there is censorship done wrong - I don't know about you but while debating at the plus two level for good old school, 'the censorship' debate was of the more frequent topics - as was the women's rights thingie - which once led to hilarity at Carmel Convent, but lets skip that.
Anyway, it seems that yesterday that three drunk people breached security at RCR (Undie TV is a bit schizo on this - see this report and then this one). I've always thought that would be quite difficult to do, but when you're drunk it seems you can do a lot of things to impress the girls. Anyway, I watched POTC last weekend and have a semblance of a review over here.
And since we're talking about all things Italian, and this is leading to a major Lasagne craving right now, I thought I'ld just search the 'Italy' tag on Flickr and pick a picture at random. Actually, I just changed my mind, I'll post a picture of a place in Italy I've been to. The Island of Capri, off the southeastern coast of Italy near Naples, stunningly beautiful and ourageously exepnsive and I actually found a picture of the 'Blue Grotto' a cave with the most amazing azure light I have ever seen - the Italians call it 'La Grotta Azzura'
But, our Italian job continues with the vindictive streak that is unheard of in Indian politics. Oh well, we get what we vote for!
EDIT : And I just discovered the following video on Badmash. The Simpsons hit Bollywood!


shivam said...

The Congress thingis is exaggerated. I also hinted it in my Rediff story, but it's true only insofar as is concerned. The rest are writing anti-Congress stuff AFTER the ban

K said...

I'm telling you, some blog must've exposed Rahul baba's perverse sexual delinquencies and thats why the Lady had them shut down.

shivam baba said...


abhi said...

Hey!! how did YouTube allow this upload? I tried uploading the identical video some weeks ago and it refused saying "Violation of Terms of Use!!"

Btw...TRIVIA: The song is "Pal Bhar Ke Liye" sung by Kishore Kumar from the movie "Johnny Mera Naam". Its from Ep 17 Season 17.

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