Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The morning after...

There is a photoset up and running on Flickr, don't want to be gory, but these pictures give you an idea how just how powerful this blast was. If you have never travelled in an Indian Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) train - similar local trains are used in Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai, you should know that these things are solid. No lightweight, fancy construction materials here, these are pretty much pure steel.
And any blast that can open them up like a can of baked beans, has to be a mother of a blast. During the night, after I spoke to more people, their panic and fear for me became more apparent. It might have been me, I take the same trains, in the same First Class compartments every day.
Anyway, I'm alive, but 190 people are not and that is an awful thought.
EDIT : The Western Railway, one of the most effective engineering organisations in the country (in fact, I rank them just below the BRO, which is one of the top civil engineering organisations in the world) has gotten the main Western Line limping but almost back to normal. It will be difficult for them for a few weeks because of destroyed trains, but at least they're running. No thanks to Lalu Yadav and the rest of the clowns in the UPA government we have voted in including our extremely ineffectual Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil and lets not even start with with Maharashtra's even worse Home Minister RR Patil, who would rather protect amorphous 'youth' from evil than attack terror - his hipocrisy being apparent on Sunday and if he has any shame at all he should resign. Heck, the entire Maharashtra government should resign.
The media has been carrying on using the term 'resilience' - I call it 'helplessness' - what are you supposed to do but carry on, you cannot afford to stop to mourn? This city will survive, it is a great city, but this was a heart attack it could have done without. Also, taxi and auto drivers played the role of profiteers brilliantly - behind the guise of their unions and traffic jams, many taxi and auto drivers licked their lips at the opportunity to make money while the city reeled.
It is a sad fact of life, but we have been facing Pakistani-funded terror for so many years it is not funny. Every year at least one Indian city is brought to a standstill. The recriminations will begin soon, but I feel we should have gone the whole hog in 2002.


GBO said...

Bombay proves once again that "Each One Help One".


Meanwhile, the Government helps itself.

If I had to perpatuate a crime and run away, getting politicians to visit right after would be the best way.

Bonatellis said...

good to know u are safe ...

thalassa_mikra said...

As I said in the earlier post, I'm convinced it is the Pak Army, but I wonder why now? I also wonder if Musharraf was aware of the plot and if not, then is he losing his grip over the Army? Too many questions, let's hope some answers are forthcoming.

Well if Pakistani Army believes in a low intensity dirty war, then perhaps we need to show them the sterner stuff we're made of. Balochistan is already witnessing a genocide by the Pakistani Army, I'm sure they could do with some Indian help.