Tuesday, July 11, 2006


If this story that appeared in the Daily Mail is true, (thanks Shivam) then FIFA should ban Marco Materazzi for a few months. FIFA wants to stamp out racism from the sport and therefore should act decisively. This does not in any way condone what ZZ did, which was still over the top and no matter what happened, violence on the pitch is still unjustifiable.
Another story which I read on Jalopnik in the morning has also gotten me quite depressed, but I believe it to be false. I just hope, its just stupid prankster like those kids who threw mud on a statue and managed to get Mumbai shut down on Sunday. I don't think very highly of Narayan Rane, but I think he is telling the truth when he accused the Shiv Sena of co-ordinating the 'defacing' - quite like them to do such a thing to get attention.

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thalassa_mikra said...

K, don't ask me why, but I believe Materazzi when he says that he didn't say anything racist to Zidane. According to Materazzi, this is what he actually said:

"Materazzi: I didn't call him a terrorist

Materazzi admitted that he tweaked the France captain's nipple as they clashed in extra time. After which, it is alleged Zidane responded: "If you want my shirt so much, you can f****** have it after the game."

The Italian said that he then replied: "I'd rather have the shirt off your woman," a supposed reference to the Frenchman's wife Veronique.

Materazzi's agent Phil Smith said: "There was no way Marco meant to cause such a reaction."


Materazzi is not known to be a racist, and one of his closest friends is a Nigerian striker who plays for Inter-Milan. Even if he was racist, he has enough brains to know that a racist insult in a final match is far more trouble than some old-fashioned vulgar ribbing.

It was in poor taste, but right now I feel sorry for Materazzi because he's being subjected to a trial by the media, with all kinds of bizarre speculation about what he said.