Saturday, July 01, 2006

Dr. Mindbender

Argie with wig Berlin
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Well, Germany won, I'm sorry dude with blue hair. That wig will have to be discarded till South Africa 2010, wher it will likely be stolen.
Yesterday I mentioned that I'll miss the game of World Cup so far, and I did. Well, I did catch it all the way till the 65th minute thanks to a delayed flight courtesy Air Deccan. But I might have missed even that, the televisions at the domestic terminal were showing only Star News - thanks to the evil people at Star TV, but I outsmarted them thanks to my new 'evil' device. Say hello to the Nokia 6708. Now, I really haven't used this phone a lot, and while I'm fairly impressed with the touch screen and handwriting recognition - any device that can recognise my minute handwriting deserves an award, but something else takes the take.
A program called 'Recon' on the phone makes the phone double up as an universal remote - giving you the ability to be truly evil. Imagine what hell you can unleash with such a device. Passengers at the airport were astopunded at my magic ability to switch to ESPN - which was much better than the ugly mugs at Star News - India's most pointless news channel after India TV, but that is another stream of consciousness post altogether.
I suddenly discovered the power of a universal remote, one that you actually are forced to carry with you all the time, because its on your phone. Can you imagine what you can do? You can mess with people's brains with this phone! My brother is already wondering what's going on whe channels change randomly and air-conditioners start getting colder and hotter without any (seen) intervention. I told him that Sun Spots are causing such electrical imbalances, and him being the unscientific sort still can't figure out whats going on.
My god Nokia, what have you done? I have become Dr Mindbender!
*Evil Laughter*
EDIT : P, in a comment to my last post informed me of unattributed theivery of the Vidarbha post by a character called Satish of Desicritics. I have no issues if people use excerpts of my articles - but all out theivery without attribution has to be mentioned. Desicritics here, Satish's Blog here. Those who know me, know I don't go by the moniker Satish. Chodi kiya, pakda gaya, no permission was given by me for this, anyone know how to get this guy to remove chodi ka maal?


Vikas said...

Now! well, you knw that at churchgate, you can get chori ka books, pirated, reprinted, chori ka software, not just ms office but expensive engineering software.. if it was expensive, even Toi, wud hv been pirated everyday. so yo're in no utopia. and mind you, these are already copyrighted material.
So, you don't have to copyright your blog. second, its only serving your purpose of educating people... i'll write more later.. gota go.

Nazim.k said...

shit. brazil lost. i'd soon stop watching d cup now dat argentina n brazil r gone. and, oh, d chor has done a good ctrl-c ctrl-v job

thalassa_mikra said...

What nerve! And the Desicritics' damage control spiel is that he wasn't aware of the attribution protocol for blogposts. Huh!! Well, whatever, as long as they correct it.

K said...

Well on a positive note, desicritics has done the 'right thing' and changed the post and attributed it back to this link. In the process of back and forth emails with Aaman at desicritics I ended up joining them as well. This Satish character on the other hand is quite weird and hasn't responded to my messages.
Aaman must be right - the guy doesn't have a clue on the concept of authorship.

satish said...

jUs Chill man...i am the one who posted ur article is quite a few number of blogs jus bcos it was very well wrtitten and a crucial issue which needs attention. There is lot of talk about it in Desicritics.. Anyways i jus wanted to highlight the issue about What farmers are going through.
Do u know a family which depends on farmeing, who got ripped by Monsanto ,GOVT.This is jus a tip of it ...There are family's we know who were very welloff on agriculture ...But these days they r in cities makeing a living out of Prosittution,labour,Youngies getting in to Mafia,.......!
I come from one of those Regions which have similar issue's. I try to do all i could in educating these poor innocent Indian farmers.But Thts Not enough at all.

I wanted to write about this issue for a log long time , but iant have good writeing skills as u do ...On the concept of authorship ..Fuc tht. oNce On www it's for free.It's No OnEs and EveryOneS
Thts it buddy! Sorry m8 .. Buy u a beer when i am in Mumbai.

K said...

Satish, free does not mean 'no copyright', its everyones for sure, I have issues if someone copies my post elsewhere as long as due credit is given, seriously. This is not a F*** That sorta issue!