Monday, July 10, 2006

Pizza for everyone!

I know the talking point will be about Zidane's needless and undeniably idiotic heatbutt on Marco Metarazzi (and Metarazzi must've said something intense), but lets be honest the Italians did play a better game and well the sight of Zidane walking back to the dressing room head down will be a bad way to remember the world cup, this is a time to celebrate Italy. Of course, we in India have been celebrating Italy for the last two years after having voted an Italian into power, but lets look at the nice things in Italy like Pizza, Pasta, AC Milan, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Versace, good Italian shoes, Lemon Cello, Capri, Amalfi, Venice, Vesuvius, the Autostrade, Flavio Briatore, Milan, Sicily, Corleone and so and so forth.
Tonight in celebration I'm ordering lots and lots of Pepperoni Pizza. Congratulations to Marcello Lippi and his team and their absolutely fantastic defence led by my player of the tournament Fabio Cannavaro (ZZ was brillinat - but...), I'm just sad that my favourite Italian player of the recent past - Paulo Maldini wasn't on the team.
Brillianto to Italy. Now bring on the Pizza!


Anonymous said...

Were there issues between Zidane and Henry because they certainly seemed to be.

Anonymous said...

yeah...zidane can't stand henry

Anonymous said...

i thought you were supporting france. what a whore you are.

K said...

Baba, if I was a true whore I would have deleted my last three posts and claimed to deny everything. No I did support France in the finals and I was depressed when they lost. But, the morning after I think the Italians are worthy winners. Either way, I don't hold a passport from either country nor can I claim linegae - well, my dad was born in Chandanagar in Bengal which was under French occupation once upon a time, but its not India losing a final which would have given me a chance to be depressed for a few days.
The French played a good second half, but Ribery should not have been taken off, he was their best chance of a goal and I also think the way the Italians won against the Australians was 'dubious' to say the least. France played great games against Spain (in particular) and Brazil (also), but last night wasn't their night.
Anyway, till South Africa then. I wonder if this blog will survive that long?

Szerelem said...

Materazzai is a nipple twister...still, Zizou why couldnt you fucking keep your cool?? what did he say that made you act like a raging bull??!!

Anonymous said...

The best part of the match was
Marco To ZZ ...U Terrorist fuc .u dont deserve to play for France ....zz(algerian background)
zz to Marco ....u R SISTER IS A WHORE...
AND THE worldfamous Heatbutt on soccer field.

Anyways i all the way from start of worldcup did go for Italy...They had lot to prove back home ..betting/womenising..and drugs. Where as france has got notin other than THE GREAT ZZ lonley.