Saturday, April 01, 2006


This is post number 361. This number has no particular significance in my life, but really I couldn't think up of a snappy headline just now. Anyway, its a nice pleasant Saturday, I'm sitting in office (I wish I was sitting on one of these though) after a rather un-hectic Friday, where after being dragged along by some fellow delivery-men I went to a friends place and watched The Hunt for Red October on AXN at a friends place. I've seen the movie before, but this is definately my favourite Jack Ryan film.. No random Friday night insanity, and for that I thank the man upstairs. Somehow, Harrison Ford in a non-George Lucas film just doesn't cut it for me.
Apple Computer is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Its quite hard to think how a company that is on the cutting-edge of electronic fadgizmory with things like the iPod (and all its lil' itsy-bitsy add-ons like a Barbie Doll) and one which has mastered the fine art of marketing (and thus also of hipocrisy) but honestly, they do have some absolutely cracker adverts (see the from 1984 featuring Billy G himself!). And they've made their goof-ups as well, and Wired has a lot more coverage on this rather unique birthday. That reminds me, I have to start saving for an iPod soon.
Don't you think that more people (at least men) would learn 'pro-pah' English (or least speak it at call centres) if you followed this Japanese example.
I saw the cricket match yesterday and must admit that Suresh Raina did a great job, we've got them Poms by their you know whats. But, the Haryana Police, renowned for its capacity to generally hit people when they don't like them, just had to get into the act. Back in July last year, some people had given some back to the Haryana Police and they had gotten even madder, but those were people looking for a fight. This time, they beat up women and children who had just gone to watch a match. Crowd control abilities of India's police forces are dismal at best and godawful at worst, this was an example of the darker side. The Home Ministry should really spend some money to train police forces across the country on basic crowd control.
OK, I have to head out for lunch now, so I'll come back and post #362. Hey, 361/362 are the flight numbers for one of Jet Airways' evening Delhi-Mumbai-Delhi services. I know because they use the 737-900 on the route. Silly things to know, but I love flying.
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thalassa_mikra said...

You know K, I sometimes shudder to think of the cultural showdown that is inevitable if Gurgaon's growth keeps expanding more and more into Haryana's heartland. Reminds me of the passage in Narayani-di's book where she quotes a source talking about the Delhi gates and how they keep the hinterland Gujjars out.

Though in the recent past, the Haryanvis seem to have taken things well into their stride. They seem to be more than happy operating their thekas, whiskey bars and resorts, and quietly got rid of prohibition.