Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It happens here too...

I have too many feeds coming into my Bloglines RSS reader (and here is a tip for people in places where they've banned Blogspot domains or can't other popular blogs - use Bloglines or Google Reader, I prefer the former because I've been using it longer - desktop RSS readers still access the site directly) and many posts just get a cursory read through - which means I see the headline - mentally mark the post as 'boring' and carry on. Now the ideal solution to this would be for me to clean up the number of feeds I get, but you discover weird things everyday on the unlikliest of blogs.
But, on that front I think banning your employees from reading blogs in office is very stupid. I mean internet penetration isn't that bad, and I can read all sorts of shit anyway. What makes trhis surprising is that a person many consider to be fairly level headed has done this - you can get why Times reacted the way it did - it has a 'we must control the flow of information' sort of attitude to things, which is why that group is doomed in the long run until someone with some brains enters management. I've made this point over and over and over, while the blog reading population in India is still limited blogs are quickly becoming an unique modicum for transmitting opinions and views.
On average, this blog gets over 300 visitors a day, 150 of whom have come here searching for some sort of information of the other. Anything negative that I write on this blog can potentially snowball into something bigger. Yeah sure, if Rajdeep TV or EchTee were to break something big it would snowball a lot faster, but blogs are growing, and retrogade steps like banning them will not work. Corporates, and that includes media houses will have to come out with clearly defined 'blogging' policies - firing people or banning blogs is not the key. And engaging blogs is always a better bet than 'attacking' them.
So, back to the point now that I have finished my soliloquy of sorts. Damn, I still get nightmares from the lines "Hath not a Jew eyes..." (long story that goes back to Class XI and First Year). Whats wrong with me? I'm getting distracted too fast nowadays. Now, finally back to the point. I was reading the Freakonomics Blog and discovered this post which I found very interesting. Now, why did I find it so interesting - because it happens in India all the time. I am not insinuating that ALL such columnists are so corrupt, but a gossip columnist or reporter with perfectly upright morals. Joke of the year. But, I do know that there were reporters who worked for the gossip pages who did live quite large - one particular reporter used to take clothes from boutiques in exchange for any coverage. And the other stories get even funnier - forget casting couches - photogs in some of the gossip pages took 'full advantage' of their position. And I've written for these supplements also and I've seen them at work. Boy, oh boy.
This isn't about just free meals, even though those are still consumed in great quantities (as was free wine and thus almost every food review was quite off the ball - and woefully written to boot). Of course, some media groups realised that they themselves could keep the money instead of their woefully underpaid reporters, making it easier for PR agencies to just pay the required amount and get the great story. But the fact of the matter is that many gossip columnists/reporters are on the ball, when it comes to their own pockets. Sometimes they're so busy keeping themselves up, that their products end up reading like... well, you seriously gotta be mental if you read that sort of stuff.
Anyways... One must work right now. I think my work is going to involve driving a German car very fast very soon. The money might suck (well compared to TV at least), but the job is fun and who can give up writing. Plus, I'm not a PYT.


Anonymous said...

whats a PYT?

shyam said...

Bloglines suck suck suck... esp after Ask bought them over. Google reader is even crappier.

I prefer the desktop one, at least until the smart freedom fries loving French at Netvibes decide to make one. The one that I use, GreatNews has bloglines integration, but again the latter is a huge pain. We have other ways though ;-)

Grazer said...

You know K, one thing that has irritated me about this television blog is- it is too much into personality discussion. And the fucking part is everyone is bitching.

They(comments section) talk about the female anchors with the largest boobs. And the best blow job that the babe can give. Something like that.

They only talk bad about people. This is not done. You can call anyone MC and BC there.

(The mother-chods have screwed the whole concept of freedom of expression in a blog). sensor it.

Their vision is so simple.

We have an outlet- we pee and shit in it all the dirty things that go on continuously in our minds.

I agree we all are dirty to some extent but their is a limit to everything.

Are you one of them who doesn't have loyalty to one's and other's self-esteem and respect?

Would you like your sister and daughter to work in an environment where people write(express) about their growing mammaries and the kind of positions they can give?

I don't know. Is it freedom of expression?

The truth is the blog has revealed the ardent nature of the evil and stinky minds that our generation has developed into.

This is a psycho-disaster of the educated souls.


I am definitely not with them.

K said...

The problem with that blog is that the commenters really bring out how juvenile they really are - which is a scary thought really if these people work in TV.
Yet, censorship isn't good.

anonymous said...

Grazer - if you are talking about WFN then i completely agree with you. What you have to understand is that almost nobody takes that blog seriously. All they want to know is who are the hottest anchors and who are they sleeping with. I'm sure that most of the people who write about female anchor's boobs etc. are actually people from within the industry or even the same organisation as some of the anchors that they write about. Cause you always get shit like - 'we can see her nipples through her shirt' or some other crap like that. It's fucking pathetic cause i have some friends in a couple of tv news organisations and they tell me that most of these anchors who are being brazenly disrespected (it doesnt matter how good or bad they are as journalists... this is beyond that) are actually MARRIED and also have KIDS!!. Infact one of them just recently returned after her maternity leave and as soon as she started appearing on tv her boobs became a subject of discussion on that blog.
I also think that there are a lot of 'outsiders' who love to know more 'details' about their fav. anchors. But the interesting corollory to this is that such an intrusively curious behaviour leads to absolutely nowhere! i mean you got no chance with any of those women so you want to defame them in public? it's like admitting that you're a total loser. And anyhow.. haven't these people ever seen big boobs? i'm sure that tv anchors are not the only ones with big boobs lol. And yet they obsess about them. sheesh.
what morons. whatever happened to news analysis.

K said...

Anon, That is the best comment I have read in a long time.