Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Arre Yaar...

After discussing several aspects of the media because of which some deluded souls think of me as a veritable expert in all things media - for the record I'm not an expert on anything nor do I pretend to be. I don't go around calling myself a 'Noted Economist' without ever having studied elementary economics - not that certain people really bother about miniscule detail of having to have done doctorate level economics to call themselves 'noted economists'. Anyway, back to the point, no wait, there is no point to this post. This is a completely pointless, meaningless post. Much like my life. Then again, my life isn't that boring that I sit at home and do things like this.
Anyway, I've been rather amused at the amount of column centimeters being consumed by a show of tits and ass. The Lakme Fashion Week was boring, like most fashion week shows usually are in India. I still wait for 'Midnight Hot' on FTV which is far more watchable and even has some things that you wouldn't mind someone else (if you had a 'someone else' who looked like Gisele - if you didn't maybe you could find one using this service) wearing. Of course, Greatbong is also shocked at the brazen display of Tn'A, yes, like all self-righteous individuals we should all be shocked that women have had the audacity to show us their unmentionables. And in front of the poor children too! But if you do want to see some not-so-obscene (like those tits, which were very obscene) pics of the Fashion Week, there are some nice shots on Flickr.
Anyways, life must move on. So Friendgirls must be freed and others caught, but it seems as age moves on the number of fish in the sea also seem to diminish. Damn!
So, I've decided that I will venture down NH17 all the way to Mallu-land, home of the Gelf-Ritarn - and only I could think up something as crazy as travelling 3500kms in 10 days on the subcontinent in May, but of course, I am crazy. But, fear not I am not going anywhere anytime soon. After all, the market will have to fall sooner or later and someone will have to write on the suicides being committed in Bombay. But should I be that cynical? Nah!
Don't you think English is strange sometimes? I mean really strange. But not as out there as this person - I mean this guy was freaking insane - it is a miracle that he is still alive. But then again, I'ld rather spend time reading this catalogue. Yes, and there is even more proof that despite the attractive women there - Japanese are twisted people and have been so for years. Now, mobile phones have changed the way we communicate and all that jazz. You know the story. But, other than the 'phallic' Snake you played on your very old Nokia, the games have been tepid. Well, not any more it seems - some of these games look interesting. Philip K Dick still lives? Well, a robotic version of his head does. Of course, if all this doesn't interest you, you can just read some of the posts over at Sugasm#28. Makes me seem even more boring.
Then again, boring is a state of mind or a movie. The last few 007 movies have been boring and pointless, I mean they make the crazy stories of the 60's and 70's look awfully good. And I'm a Bond fan, therefore I whole-heartedly agree with this piece. And it isn't just East Asians who screw up English - everybody does.
And this has been a through waste of time.

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thalassa_mikra said...

That Vice magazine list is really, really stupid. It lists items that make perfect sense in their native languages, but might have other connotations in American English. So fucking what? The world at large is not supposed to defer to what makes Americans blush.