Thursday, April 06, 2006

Reader Advice

The shortest post I've made in a long, long time.
After several days of complaints over comments and email, I've decided to work around the template of the blog. But first, I thought I'ld change the look and feel of the other blog before I transported it here. So take a look and let me know if you like it or not, and any comments and/or technical advice on what templates I should use and any other tips to improve the look and feel of the blog - and I'm not removing adsense.


Homo Sapien Intelligentus said...

Add this line to your CSS:

line-height: 140%;

Anonymous said...

hey K, was just skimming through your blog.. good stuff man.
In one of your earlier posts from 2005 you said that 'NDTV is like a communal sex farm' lol. that made laugh.. but is it really?
From what i know, some people have gotten married in NDTV. I'm aware that some of the news anchors are married to techies or producers.
One certain female news anchor is married to a cameraman even.
But haven't heard anything scandalous from any of my sources there.
Neverthless, the work environment at ND is liberal to say the least, or so it seems.
How are things at other news channels?

akash said...

how about making this comments page normal and not a pop-up. My cocomments bookmarklet gets confused about the blog and any comment posted here doesn't show up there.

you do use cocomments right?

K said...

HSI - During upgrade - which is now delayed for a bit because I'm travelling out of Bombay this weekend.
Anon - You know the more sedate people then, but that said, the place has calmed down a bit.
Akash - I don't use CoComments, let me see what it is and then i'll play around with layout a bit.

A said...

Work on the typos, K. And there's still a cluttered feel to the blog. (Which I just discovered, btw- good to catch up on your life and thoughts).

GBO said...

How about giving a plain and simple no frills option for those of us who want to read what you write?

And then let us know how many went for the no-frills and how many went for the full-frills?

Also, what was the BBC thing, was it genooine eventually?