Friday, November 04, 2005


The other day someone wrote that see what happens when the Indian cricket team starts losing, everybody will forget them and we'll look at Sania and Narain. Um, if anyone has bothered to look at the sports pages of late - its cricket and European soccer. OK, so the ToI today carried a piece on how Nico Rosberg took the second seat at Williams, a seat that Narain Karthikeyan was hoping to buy, but Williams made enough money from Jenson Button and didn't want to buy Narain. Despite what the Indian auto magazines (hah!) say, Narain had been completely out-performed by his non-pay team-mate Tiago Monteiro in the second-half of last season. Narain was a novelty in F1, the first Indian F1 driver, he was never going to become the first Indian F1 champion or F1 podium finisher, heck, he did have a chance of making the podium, but he bungled that up at Indianapolis (and his reaction to that race ruined whatever respect I had for him). Anyway, its rather clear that Narain most probably won't have a drive next season. Experiment over.
Honestly, instead of seeing a driver in F1 I would rather see an unified motorsports body in India - there are two the FMSCI recognised by the FIA and the MAI recognised by the Indian Government, which has crippled the development of motorsports in this country. Heck, other than a couple of race-tracks down south there aren't even good tracks in India. Instead of spending money to send not-so-good drivers to F1, we should spend on developing India's motorsports infrastructure, so that we can also produce a Raikkonen or an Alonso or even a Nico Rosberg, who isn't just a famous name - he also won the FIA GP2 championship this year.
By the way, I find A1 Grand Prix rather boring.
Now back to Cricket. We are winning, something which is driving a stake through thousands of Ganguly acolytes (read : the Bengali community). I heard the rather ridiculously cynical idea that Sri Lanka are throwing the matches so that Ganguly doesn't come back. I might be as much of a cynic as the next person when it comes to cricket match results, but for gods sake. I genuinely like the way this 'new' team is playing. There is a verve to the team and then there is Dhoni, who I believe has buldgeoned his way into the Test team. Bye bye Parthiv Patel.
But, the big sporting news, something which must leave my old guitarist friend Hammar who is currently in Boston close to crying (its strange to see a big bloke cry, but the news is such) is the implosion in Manchester United. The problem is that other EPL club fans (such as an Arsenal supporter like myself) are secretly rather pleased at ManU's apparent fall from grace. First they are bought by a greedy American (instead of upwardly mobile rich Russian) and now this. Pity, because they were a great club. I agree with Kevin McCarra, I think Sir Alex should move on, because somehow Mourinho and Wegner are much better managers, and somehow know the inherent worth of players far more.

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