Saturday, November 12, 2005

New look, new feel.

I've been writing on this blog for over 10 months now and it has gone through quite a few iterations since it started out. However, many of the templates I have used have not been very reader-friendly. They've been a bit sparse or too complicated or very low-contrast.
Today, I had a little bit of time to play around, and not being completely tech-illiterate like many of my peers, I decided to check out some new templates to do up the blog. I didn't want to use another Blogger template, so I went scouting online for something new, fresh and different. I found some nice templates here and decided to implement one. Anyway, because these things seem to have a habit of inspiring me, I changed the look and feel of the other blog as well.
There are still a couple of bugs, like resizing the image which I will need to do and the font size might be a slight problem. Anyway, please let me know how the blog looks now.


indiacorporatewatch said...

nice layout and I do think the big picture does make this blog look better
so don't change it would be my advice

And about
trusting the indian media you are right
They are a bunch of liars
but then so is everyone else among
the media in other parts of the world

I just hope we do not deginerate
to the level that the American Media
but from here looks like thats
where we are headed


Bonatellis said...

ohh, congratulations btw on the recent accolade ... thoroughly deserved :)

livinghigh said...

u know, u shud really allow comments by guys other than registered blogger users. make it more broadbased.

racist? who? me? naaaaaaaaaaaah! *fingers crossed*

thalassa_mikra said...

I find a black background morbid. But that's just me. When I get the time, I want to create my own template.

shaun said...

yeah, now i think it's looking nice. can't the picture on the sidebar be changed? see

anthony said...

Nice new look..Even I spent major part of the saturday trying out many templates, and i didn't like any and only ended up writing a post on templates. cheers, the bloggers meet went extremely well, you should have come..

hornygurrl said...

bekaar...i like the white background better.

s c r a p s s t u f f s said...

This is much easier on the eyes that your previous one.

rani said...

the reverse background is hard on the eyes.

credit info said...

k dikra,
the new template SUX big time.
Black is Black, I want my **** back.

dharmesh said...

I think font size is too small, and you should increse line height to atleast 150%.

also if you wrap your paragraph in >p< tags, it will look lot better.

dharmesh said...

oops i meant <p>