Monday, November 21, 2005

Blip, Blap, Blup!

I have alternate Saturday's off, but despite this anomaly, I usually bring my butt into office on Saturdays like the one that just passed. Lack of activity at home being a reason. That generally was the plan this Saturday until a rather unplanned series of events on Friday night created a void in the space-time continuum, due to which I didn't realise it was Saturday until I woke up (at a friend's house) just to watch Irfan Pathan bowl the brilliant spell.
After that, I kinda whiled the day away watching cricket and eating food and meeting an actor-friend who stays inside the Juhu airfield - which means that he has an unreal amount of space surrounding his house (which is inside an hangar). Incidentally, he also lives with an unreal amount of mosquitoes. I did a lot of things over the weekend, some strange, some unplanned and some just plain stupid but in between the alcohol and the 'other assorted substances' I didn't access a computer.
Oh well, this narrative was my explanation for the lack of change of a template. I've found some nice ones which I will try out on the blog the moment I get some time. Apologies for the same!


rani said...

Thanks for the reassurance.

thalassa_mikra said...

This is an abandoned airfield?

K said...

Not quite, its used for chopper ops to the ONGC oilfields out on the high seas and for people who wanna chopper in and out of town.