Monday, November 07, 2005

Don't people learn?

You have to hand it to Ponytail. Today hoping that the blog fires have died down he reverted back to his old advertising. Just check out Page 3 of today's HT in Mumbai. Same old promises, same old shit, amybe taking advantage of the fact that many people are 'blogged out', maybe even the fact that some people took advantage of the situation and tried to make matyrs of themselves over the entire issue. Sigh!
Anyway, the man is also a plagarist - the latest issue of his magazine has listed data and information from another publication and passed it off as their own. Many of the articles printed by his magazine are talks or seminars delivered by the people whose pictures are used, but anyway. I happened to read Ponytail's letter in his magazine, and it contains some brilliant gems of hilarity.
Ah, well, at least Ponytail isn't a two-faced hipocritical bastard like the leaders of the Indian Communist movement. In their desperation to save Iran from international reprimand they want our (discredited) Foreign Minister to tell the US to bugger off. They also want the government to tear up the (fairly decent) Nuclear deal that we have signed with the Yanks (judging by the way the Chinese have reacted to it, it must be a good deal). They also don't want our Air Force to practice against F-16 fighters and of course, then there is retail, let alone how their steadfast refusal to change labour laws has probably kept more people unemployed than it has saved. IT and Services might be outperforming the economy, but no country has made the big-league without manufacturing led growth and no labour reform and no FDI in retail will keep India back. Something that suits the Communists and Lalu, because they feed off the poor and illiterate. Don't blame Capitalism, blame the Commies.
Anyway, back to the point. Ponytail is back to his old tricks - "Dare to Think Beyond the IIM's" - Yeah, right. I wonder if the advert is carrying a modified disclaimer?


shyam said...

Umm. they don't.


The right wing
The left wing
Humanity in general.

Shivangi said...

I just posted a link to yet another story on IIPM...

K said...

Codey : Point taken and accepted and stashed deep in the folds of my brain.
Shivangi : That was an online column, and a bit too yellow.

GoodLookiN! said...

I hate the commies man, they screwed up and are still skrewing my Kerala .... and your bongland. They are now truly, rebels without a cause. I will get to them once I am done with SM :-)

thalassa_mikra said...

Their stand on Iran is what really infuriates me.

I have plenty of Iranian friends who love their country but detest the government, and feel the only way to get the Islamic Republic to reform is to isolate it internationally. The nuclear issue is a godsend.

Of course the Communists don't have a freakin' clue about the Iranian government! Do they even realize the absurdity of a Communist party supporting a regime that virtual wiped out the liberal intelligentsia of Iran? Why? Just because they shout stupid "Marg bar Amrika" slogans? What nitwits!!

IIPM, Supriya Thakur, IIPM said...

Hi K,
Can u pl mention the data that was plagiarized from another publication without mentioning the source in the magazine? It'll help us improve surely.