Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Nothing terribly exciting happening, though I'm hearing rumours of another high-level shift though I'm reliably told that this person, who has worked in the same place for over two decades keeps on making noises of moving every year during appraisal season. And doesn't speak Hindi. So.... Chandigarh may not be that great an idea.
Saw a very funny note at a friend's place last night - she stays in the M,N,O,P blocks of CR Park which recently lost a case and this has been extensively covered by EchTee. As such, I totally agree with the Delhi High Court, the residents are pissed because they are losing their shaadi ground and Puja Park. But, the residents and several other Bengalis in CR Park, and non-Bongs too (while CRP has a large proportion of Bengalis, most residents and house-owners today would possibly be non-Bong) are pissed because of this editorial in HT and most RWA's have sent notes (the one I read) to have a 'Protest March' and also boycott HT.
There isbizarre, and then there is bizarre. But all I would advise the RWA's to do is to get a better lawyer (Fire the guy who made the last ridiculous argument) and use a better argument. You really thought that people (I can bet that a Bengali wrote that Edit - I can even hazard a guess to whom) won't make fun of you after this? Really. It is even funnier than ITC suing UndieTV Profit.
Talking of UndieTV - I saw Imagine the other night featuring Rahul Sawant, I think. You know that show, "Who wants to marry a cokehead (proven) wifebeater (we know, but not quite proven)?" And if you thought Rahul Mahajan was a desperate twat, I the cows who chasing him, illierate cows I must add (I'm not trying to be sexist, but they're marrying a wifebeater , what else can you call such women?) take dumbness to a new level.
And one final thought on 'My Name Is Khan', I bloody well hope after all this noise the movie is good, because if it isn't it will be the biggest KLPD in Indian history. Fudge, I used KLPD in a sentence after years. And to think in school (the same one SRK went to) I used KLPD in every second sentence once upon a time. Oh well...

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Anonymous said...

Clearly then, you HAVE grown up! It's good to see that you haven't been writing (boasting! occasionally)of your multiple escapades K..adds to the 'mature' tone.
As for Bengalis.., as a bong, you're an exception to the rule. Most Bongs I've come across (and media and publishing are TEEMING with them)..are terribly clannish. Interestingly, the marketing head and editorial director of one of India's biggest newspapers are both bongs, from the same university in Cal.
Hazarding a guess, which you didn't quite, I'd say - "No awards for guessing WHO wrote that editorial, even a regular reader of HT Blogs can smell a former rockstar, Bong voice in there!"