Friday, February 05, 2010

In other news...

The model that several media companies follow is unsustainable - none more so than Network 18 according to yet another article on the company by Money Life.
The Indian Express more than any other paper has been harping on about the Chatwal-Padma Bhushan case as if it is the only story in town. I've argued before, the man may not be a saint, but the Express' story uses the President's office to explain. Somehow, and I do not wish to denigrate the office of the President here - this was never explained by Rashtrapati Bhavan. But the attack is on Chatwal and the Express (for whatever reason) carries on and will use anyone and everyone they can find to justify the story. Even though everyone else cares more about Mumbai. Where it finally took the RSS, yes that same organisation that most TV journalists like climbing onto at every opportunity to stand up to the regionalism snake.
A snake that incidentally, nobody should ever forget the Congress unleashed. And today when Rahul Gandhi gets on a train, it becomes the only item of the day. Though, I must admit, a top politician getting on a local train gives a better understanding of the woes that Mumbaikars face - an improved suburban train system will help Mumbaikars more than some reserved jobs here and there. Anyway, just my two cents for now.


Saurabh said...

as one of the stand up comedians said..we are Indians and we cant be we don't hate any one else, we hate each other.
So many things that are to be worried about and we are still hanging on to these insignificant matters of taking pride in something that doesn't exist at all. Most of the people don't think at all and others who do, well they think for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Tell more on Raj Chengappa moving out of your company and going to Tribune..