Thursday, February 18, 2010


Every morning one scans the papers to see what is going on in the world - for example what Rahul Gandhi said today and how many people did he cuddle with (south of the Equator - maybe he will solve the non-racial racial issue in where the world is upside down by cuddling with racists). Also, we read of other interesting facts such as how a man with obvious signs of dementia is taken seriously by a media-whore. But then again the papers are full of media-whores or whores being media-whores (the supplements). So it has come to a point where I read agency news on the mobile web while on the pot. I actually took a MacBook with me into the loo the other day. I think that was a tad sad though, but at least I can filter the internet, most of the papers make no sense. Sainath says this better than me.
Then of course, one might read the financial papers and one in particular. Sorry to be such a skeptic, but some stories seem horribly inspired by one corporate group - you look at the byline and promptly understand whose PR is being done. I should keep a list now of aforementioned people - which byline means which corporate identity. I won't name names, lest I'm accused of being an 'agent' for a multitude of corporates, after all, I have drunk everyone's coffee and in some cases Diet Coke as well (try a Mentos with your Diet Coke the next time). Pity. the mainline papers talk about stuff I really don't want to know and the business papers talk about things that I ought not to know because they may not be true (but are occasionally). And if you put on the TV channels you get to see Tigerthons (there is one coming soon we hear - Greenathons promoted by car companies that can't make cars incidentally) and how blogging about Tiger conservation is going to help save the tiger.
I don't think that will stop the Chinese from eating fewer tigers though. The best solution would be for Indian conservationists buying Indian Viagra substitutes and sending them to China. After all, ground tiger bones are consumed because the Chinese want boners right? Don't they get them when they see Ziyi Zhang? But, you get my point I hope. Maybe.
Anyway, as my brains ooze out through my nose,a victim of global warming I'm sure, I will take your leave for now.


Mumbai Paused said...

This post, which I read on the Google Reader had the Aircel Tiger banner ad displayed prominently under it.

Google word power I guess.

ms said...

hey, blogging never saved anyone. some may even blog and tweet while consuming "sta-fly tigah ding dong". the other day i spotted a tata nano (tata nana has a better ring to it) driving behind an sx4 - looked like something that the sx4 had excreted. dream on, tata. and i avoid the business papers: the mind can't function when confronted with " 2,575 crores" and crap like that. ditto the news channels: can't stand the fauning over certain corporate families and the frothing at the mouth for certain other corporate families. the dispassionate reporting of facts belong to a bygone era; now all we have are fan-clubs.

ms said...

i am crushed, pulverised - none of my comments make the grade! is okay, so long as you read them even once. the chinese don't eat the tiger, and they prefer rhino horn to cook up their desi viagra. some even swear by the properties of ginseng root. indians and westerners, on the other hand, are extremely fond of the pelt and claws. decorative value. and the way tiger skeletons keep turning up, 12 a few days ago, so the revised number in tv ads and hoardings should be 1411-12=1399. but it may have changed in the time it took to write this and for you to read it. visit my blog sometimes, if it isn't too much trouble