Friday, May 15, 2009

Counting Day

I’m worried about watching TV tomorrow, I genuinely am. Not because the results will hoist an illiterate misogynist upon India, or worse still a party of illiterate misogynists, but we’ll have to endure crap for hours on end. The Election Commission does have a decent website over at so you could check that out. Unlike the US election results we will not have down to country (taluk?) specific information, but tomorrow might be quite chaotic on TV. Chaotic and uninformed.
Have you ever seen a controlled building demolition, you can only see the rubble (in this case the rubble of Indian democracy) after the dust has settled. The dust won’t be settling until the middle of next week. That said, enjoy watching the results tomorrow, and do write in with comments on what you found better – which TV channel or which website. Even though there is a significant chance of a mid-term election maybe by 2011/12 unless tomorrow delivers a comprehensive ‘victory’ for one side or another, this is probably the golden era of TV election coverage, by the next election the internet will take over, whether on the PC or the Mobile.
As for me, I don’t plan to drink too much tonight and I will be up by eight tomorrow morning, crack open a beer, get some nice popcorn going and watch various anchors froth at the mouth. Before they have to start laying off everyone next month.
And from the comments feed, please do read this latest allegation.
And this is the new Green Day video.


Daneka said...

This track is similar to american idiot, I mean the way its tempo goes.

Arvind said...

K, Are you going to just enjoy the coverage or are you going to drop in your thoughts once in a while over here. It would be nice. Also, why don't you start out on twitter. It would be so helpful during these times.

Anonymous said...

"For the first time since October 10, the BDI has closed above 2300 and reached 2332, which is a 7-month high. In the last 25 days, the BDI has increased by 869 points (59%+), and during last 10 days it has increased by 560 points (32%+)."

Here, I've changed the original para a little bit. Now it is no longer plagiarized. Big deal!

Anonymous said...

Very surprising to see how good the EC site is. Among the major news sites, ibnlive was the best. very easy to follow results table. The worst would be a tough fight between the ultra cluttered and the inane I think livemint takes the cake for sheer shoddiness. According to it, Jyotiraditya Scindia won Guna out of 29 seats contested!

Anonymous said...

Now please shut up on subjects you dont understand. Stick to what you know best. Good for credibility.