Monday, May 11, 2009

Running around...

A lot of things can happen accidentally. Like your boss starting to like you and despite a carefully cultivated reputation of being lazy, he decides to throw that out of the window. Leaving me to blog through email from the back seat of a taxi in the middle of a traffic jam created by 2010. No really, I'm sorry, I've been meaning to blog. About all sorts of things. Like how Varun Gandhi makes his cousin seem highly intelligent. Or about how I voted and was pleasantly surprised by the turn-out. And how Times Now has the most balanced political panel despite an email interview expert who is also a closet Paki sitting on the panel. For obvious (and personal reasons understood by those who know me) I really enjoy Swapan and Paranjoy go hammer and tongs. Add CS and Shashi Tharoor to the mix to see four Cal boys from the St.Stephen's class of 1975 go at it would be highly entertaining. For me at least. Anyway, I really have to run and you know what, this E75 is pretty good for typing. Till I can invent some more time.

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Amarjit Singh Kullar said...

The Trust on Indian Media is no longer alive with respect to Indians. Since you have so many media channels and there is so much controversy from one another.

Amarjit Singh Kullar