Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Casting my Vote!

Well, I got the chit which has my polling number and booth for Thursday and I'm really looking forward to casting my vote. I didn't cast my vote in the Assembly polls last year but I've voted in every general election (and a couple of municipal elections) to date. I'll post a picture with my (not middle) ink-stained finger. I have no clue what will bappen on the 16th, and I don't think too many other people do either. Internal polls by the parties are giving all sorts of crazy trends, but I wanted to add to the madness.


GBO said...

I like to vote for the guy with the symbol: BANANA.

k2 said...

i wonder what was the idiocity with the middle finger in mumbai where ab n ors where griniing like id**ts showing their middle finger and delhi saved by blackening only their index finger. K what gives. some amendment in law. wonder why no lawyer filed PIL under obscenity law. Think i ll put the law in the www.sankhla.in blog. love your blog by the way