Friday, May 22, 2009

Rumour Mill

Now that everything is done and dusted politically - well other than ome random sulking here and there from the DMK, the media is back in business. And the media news is not that Raghav Behl seemingly went ballistic at his anchors on air, ballistic or excited I really don't know, but the magazine is ok. That it, Forbes India isn't bad, but ok, and I'll want to wait out two-three issues to see how it really is. The issue test is important because while Open has retained design integrity, content is haywire after a couple of months. Anyway, as I was saying one Republican has his product here, the other (former) one, is getting his product here too. And much, much sooner than you think because it won't be a bootstrap channel rather a rebrand of an existing one. Wait and watch.

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you're late on the UTVi news: