Wednesday, April 29, 2009


If The Indian Express (where in something that would have made Ponytail proud, journalism awards were given to the son-in-law, anyone surprised?) is changing its spots so dramatically, can a change of government be in the offing? The Q leak, though symptomatic of the way the UPA regime has used the CBI for its own odds and ends (much like the NDA also did) is rumored to be followed up by other large exposes before the fourth round on May 7. I wonder how quickly RajdeepTV starts changing their stance as well - ET carried a decent story today on how bureaucrats are trying to save their skins as happened during polling in 2004 (and given that the ToI and ET sites are run by Indiatimes a completely schizo web company you can't find the article).
The other really funny thing is that the 'psychopath's' antics in Pilibhit seem to have worked - confused identity and the BJP's own problems with his father (and the Emergency) be damned. BCCL of course, always goes where the wind blows - I think there is a Mr. Big song of the same name - this eighties and nineties music thing is getting a bit much - have Sweet Child O' Mine playing right now while also trying to watch the two worst teams in the IPL go at each other. What will happen to the news organisations that find themselves tied to the Congress thanks to reasons of ownership or otherwise? Well, the Congress-owned paper won't be making ministers of it anytime soon, and after the funny accusation of calling Advani a mask for Modi - funny because everybody has known that fact for a while, much like MMS is a cover for Rahulbaba. Seriously, expecting either Advani or MMS to last out till 2014 is asking for far too much. Call a spade a spade, but do it fairly.
That said, I still believe that 1992, 2002 and IC-814 will be problems for the BJP going forward not just the 'Hindu' agenda forwarded by Togadia and Muthalik. Ditching the ugly side is important. Nothing wrong in nationalism, nothing wrong in demanding and creating a stronger India. But the past has a bad habit of appearing at all the wrong times. Shit happened, shit hit the fan, if you don't clean all the shit quickly, you can still fall ill after several years.
It seems the Bevdaas have beaten Dildo's team. Remind me to send Nokia's marketing guys a 'told you so' note!


Anonymous said...

Well, newspaper owners have other businesses you know. Ones that need blessings of the mai baap sarkar to survive and profit. Not everyone is as good as Bennet & Coleman group at making profits with the media at the core of their activities.

So, money has to be earned from elsewhere. And there are coal blocks to be awarded, power plants to be built and run, railway and highway and flyover contracts to be snagged, government ads to be published, factories to be run, SEZs to be built... the list of taxpayer owned gifts is endless.

And who would be more deserving than the obedient newspaper walla entrepreneur who supported your government, with diligently published (or broadcast) favourable propaganda, in time of need. Like broadcasting 'extensive' opinion polls declaring the favoured party a clear winner when the exact opposite was known to be true. Twice.

By the way, I don't think Congress News Network is capable of changing sides now. Too many bridges burnt, Too much venom spewed, I'd think.

chirag said...


chirag said...

Nokia got it's money's worth.

SRK is plugging Nokia (and other sponsors) for free...