Thursday, April 09, 2009


Is there something fundamentally wrong in Income Redistribution? I mean that is what everybody wants right? Money from the rich going to the poor? So why the entire hue and cry about money being used to buy votes. Because I think of it as ‘income redistribution’, politicians rape the country for all its worth – the environment, its tax-paying classes for years on end and then they pay some money, only some, to get re-elected. You’ve seen how much richer they’ve all become, and I won’t mind a piece of it back. I’m not selling my vote, but I’ll be like a good horse that can traded and then not vote for the guy. I’m not a corrupt man after all and I'm not voting for Ajay Maken (unless Mr. Maken buys my vote), even though the though of voting for Vijay Goel is cringe-worthy.
A couple of interesting things though - Teesta going after the Commies for becoming communal, you've got to hand it to Teesta for not being a hipocrite like Karat and gang!
And the second thing is Anurag Batra's poetry. God spare me - but his site is so horrible and loaded with pointless adverts that it still takes five hours to load and the poem is at the end of a long, tedious rambling post in an extremely small font, a font size that makes this font look big.
I said this yesterday, I don't agree with what Jarnail did, but as someone said, a Sikh man made Varun Gandhi an issue and another Sikh man has put the Congress in Delhi (two Surdies have created the two biggest issues in North India these elections) on their knees (sacrifice two sure-shot seats in Delhi to win quite a few in Punjab?). However, Jarnail has managed with one 'lob' or 'chuck' to do what years of protests by the SGPC and a decade of terrorism could not do - make the Congress virtually disown Tytler and Sajjan Kumar and finally face up to 1984, in a convoluted sort of way.
Did anyone watch the Chelsea-Liverpool stunnerr last night. What a game!


Anonymous said...

At least give credit to Anurag for answering his own question with his actions. He asks if the profession is going down due to the wrong people getting in.
Well I can tell him, that no self respecting editor of ANY publication at ANY time would put up for viewing the doggerel he has. On top of that, he shd do what a lot of smart editors do, get a good copy editor to trim down his rambling prose too.What amazes me is that for a man who answers to editor in chief, he spends an amazing amount of time with his advertisersP:) That shd give us some pointers to why e4m's reporting is goind only one way. Though the Bamzai's and the Thakraney, and Maheshwari's are making valiant attempts to keep a semblance of quality going.

Anonymous said...

Your friend, the ponytail, had an awards function in Mumbai y'day. Some crap like best campaign of the year, best brand of the year, etc.

Rock On, the movie, got one. Airtel got several and everytime Airtel's name was announced there were titters among the audience, mostly from the institute and the Man's media co.

DNA sent its entire, okay just kiddin, marketing team to wait on the awardees. One of the guys told me ponytail is their biggest advertiser, so what to do!!

Ponytail has a squeaky girlish voice. Chakka hai kya? Try talking to him and out comes a plastic smile. The eyes are shifty and seem straining to look away.

Does that say something?

GJ said...

Is there a forum where I can protest the increasing lack of khufiya khabar on this site? I protest! you're turning into an edit page more (which has its place I agree no matter how much response wants to shift it to the boondocks) but where's my masala page 3? Crime-passion-ppolitics-potboiler media stuff? Come on dude - you're succumbing to comemrcial and personal interests? Im beginning to feel some deep rooted disappointment here, especially when I know the kind of khabar thats been floating around. Et tu Brutus?

Anonymous said...

Varun and the shoe are the issues of this election in the North? The South is a bit fortunate, if you ask me. We are discussing welfare politics and the political credibility of Chandrababu Naidu, whatever little there is of it. Despite so much media attention, is that all we can come up with in North India?