Monday, April 27, 2009

Def Leppard

No, the title is not supposed to make sense, the shuffle mode, and yes it is on shuffle, of the Nokia 5800 I'm using has suddenly decided that I need a massive dose of Def Leppard - era no bar. So I've had crazy early eighties Brit Pop - to the golden oldies from Hysteria and Adrenalize - two albums I genuinely liked when I was in school. Heck, I think I even became good at carving the pointy Def Leppard logo onto several school desks. Def Lep and Metallica to be honest.
But then again, since according to several of the people who read this blog I represent this blog, I symbolise all that is wrong with the 'elite', my music choices represent my 'moral corruption'. Would you believe it if I told I even liked Michael Jackson and some ALW musicals back then. Cool, since I've just got a new iPod Shuffle to try out and finally plan to load four gigs exclusively of rock from the eighties and nineties. No new age Brandon Flowers lyrical murder on this iPod (OK, I've lost count now), even though I like The Killers honestly. And Kings of Leon and well, I like a lot of new stuff. But if you are like me, in your late twenties or early thiries, the last generation of Indians who grew up knowing that there was TV, though only one-channel TV with Chitrahaar being family bonding time, and when mastering the air guitar became a rite of passage to go to Class VIII.
Anyway, all this misses the point of the Monday rant one of them being - if you don't know how Google Adsense or Adwords works stop leaving stupid comments. Thanks. And also I must add that with the elections and the IPL (and as the media grows a spine - even the genocide in Sri Lanka, though India's seemingly tacit approval of this is because I guess Madamji wants her husband's murderer dead before she loses power), Feroz Khan's death did not get enough air-play. No really. During my stint in Bombay I had the fortune (well, depends on which way you look at it) to bump into the man on a few occasions. Pity, he was a lot of things, much of that can't be written here, but also a fun guy to hang with. If you had similar interests.
PS: Wandering into The Chambers every once in a while is good fun. Just to see what is going on at other tables.


Anonymous said...

Hey K,

Your views on the fake ipl player blog? he sounds more like you dude, have you been taking cheeky runs to the ipl dressing rooms? :)
Blog becoming popular, must check out.

Anonymous said...

Why there is no mention of the Fake IPL Blooger yet?
Or have I missed something?