Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Should a course in shoe-throwing now be compulsory in J-school? For Christ's sake, if you have to throw a shoe - Throw it. I mean, if you have to make a scene then make a huge one, and don't let idiots like me comment on your shoe throwing. Mr Singh, you should have taken some lessons from Mr Zaidi, who threw his shoes at 'The Great Satan' himself.
Though all said and done, while I agree that the Congress mucks up its response to the riots of 1984 every time, because they know they are on the back foot. It has been almost 25 years since the riots and the memories are still raw. Just like I'm pretty sure that the Teesta's of the world will continue to bring up Gujarat when Narendra Modi is (maybe?) the Prime Minister. Heck, the wounds of 1947 haven't exactly healed. However, the question is should journalists 'attack' those we are covering?
Well, after seeing the footage, all of it and talking to a couple of people who happened to be at the AICC office, the fact remains that people were making statements to Chidambaram rather than asking questions. Listen, I'm no fan of Chiddu Chodu, that man has pick-pocketed my wallet. But at every press conference, for politics, financial releases, cars no matter what there is always a clown who makes a long, rambling statement. I don't want to hear your statement and I'm pretty sure no-one else does either. Publishing is fairly cheap and online it is essentially free, make your statements there. This guy threw his shoe because he was reprimanded for making a statement and not asking a question. Journalists can indulge in a debate on television and in the pages of a newspaper and even a proper forum - press conferences are not the proper fora for rhetorical statements.
Then again, Chiddu's arrogance at journalists led to the shoe, and a little part of me wanted to shoe to hit him. And that is why I believe the biggest take-away from yesterday is that people should learn how to throw shoes properly. Which is why, I think all J-schools should now start a course on shoe-throwing. But, then again maybe when it comes to the easily offended right, shoes should be replaced by pink chaddi's and the aerodynamics of chaddi's and shoes are completely different. Hmmm... this is a good idea for a J-school book.


Soumyadip said...

Taking off a chaddi (of pink or whatever colour) to throw it at a target would involve a greater effort (unless the thrower is a superhero) than a shoe.

Anonymous said...
The paper's report on the incident mentions the Bush incident but not Wen Jiabao. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

just wanted to ask can we trust the foreign media?

J said...

Now that you mentioned it. Came across this post yesterday:

thalassa_mikra said...

So it's only the Teestas of the world who care about the Gujarat riots? It's all very fine to have political preferences, but surely you should not let them cloud your humanity. It is attitudes like these that make me dread moving back to India if I ever have to.