Sunday, December 07, 2008

Time passes by...

The 'gunshots' at Delhi's airport were surprising - the news organisation that refuses to call terrorists terrorists killed six people. Another famous journalist on a leading network, desperate to repair her reputation latched onto the story and made it a hundred times worse than it is. Today, people say that nothing happened and I'm paranoid that the cops can't chase down a frikking Toyota Qualis. 
It was a Qualis for God's sake! A unstable, old car that Toyota sold to us for years thinking we would not notice that it was a relic from the 1970's. It worked well to transport call centre hamsters, but please it is by no stretch of imagination a 'performance machine'. That fills me with one hell of a lot of confidence. Sure, the police were chasing the 'terrorists' in a Qualis themselves, but to get outgunned by a Qualis! Whoa, I don't know what to say? Ineptitude or sheer Lewis-style driving. The Italian Police get Lamborghini's, our chaps get 30-year old technology. And they use the vehicles to skulk behind bushes with a radar gun. 
Anyway, it has been sixteen years since the subcontinent was changed forever. Weird anniversary right, all sorts of stuff was supposed to happen today, but nothing did. My friends still took flights to all over the place. We can't get scared.
You know, I've noticed something funny, a lot of the rich and famous are out protesting about the attacks. 'Get the politicians out!', they're screaming. And in that context, democracy has delivered an answer, people have voted in huge numbers. I know some anchors plugged into this anger, but people are still voting. But then what happens, the Deputy CM of Maharashtra is a man who has all but been convicted of defrauding the Indian state. And then, another guy goes nuts for being ignored. Sometimes, I wonder what we were thinking when we chose democracy. But then again, I love it and I am looking forward with bated breath to the 8th. 
Sorry for not posting for a few days, I've got hangnail on the middle finger of my right hand and I'm hopped up on Combiflam. It hurts. A lot. And next week I'm off to the US for a couple of weeks. To the bankrupt state of California, (where a man and a man cannot get married) but I'm sure my rupees will be welcome. But I promise to keep on posting.


Anonymous said...

What's so 'funny' about the rich and famous protesting about the Mumbai attacks? It's pretty obvious isn't it? All these years they couldn't have cared less, because they weren't directly affected.This time, it's they who got hit. Their favourite haunts got bombed and they suddenly realized that their precious existence was in peril, just like those of the poor sods who travel on the local trains and buses. I mean just think was this pg 3 socialite sipping her favourite drink and a bullet went through it, splattering her expensive outfit, handbag and her make-up. Oh dear! How dare they shoot at us. Should we thank Mr Kasav and his ilk!

Anonymous said...

Yes it a shame that we Indian talk about improvement only we are exposed. It is a shame that we all so call educated ones glossed over the reportings of The Oberoi and Taj attacks , and never bothered to even know how many people died at CST on the first day.

Those businessmen who died cannaot be called as innocent as the one that died at CST and at CAMA hospital.

The secirity is not for elite, rather ot is for the poor ones who are always exploited by the Rich as well as the media.

We should be ashamed of our act that we were caring about the death at these hotels.

We Indian are like that only.