Monday, December 08, 2008

Democracy.. Strange ain't it?

I'm still rather amazed how the BJP managed to lose Delhi but I'm not horrified. I won't say 'I told you so', but I alluded to the possibility in this post. Rajasthan, according to some in BJP was a foregone conclusion and some people in the BJP think they did better than they hoped. But at the end of the day, it will come down to Delhi and only Delhi, how the BJP managed to lose this city will be study of several post-mortem's for days to come. 
Simple answer - they f***ed up BJP style, that is taking a double-barrell shotgun and aiming for the foot - not just choosing VK Malhotra but also not having much of a plank other than being 'anti' Congress. Hey, the 'anti' factor worked for Obama, but there really wasn't that kind of seething rage. Well, I really wouldn't read too much into these polls just yet, if history is any indicator, this set of polls does not mean anything for the next year - 2003's results made the BJP cocksure. maybe the loss of Delhi will jolt them and Mr Jaitley might just lay off the 'sugar free' sweets. And maybe they will learn not to keep on shooting their foot off. Any which way, good fun ahead. As well as more silly BRT projects. Shucks. I wonder if Malhotra will do the respectable thing and resign or will he need to be dragged out Khurana-style. But note to the BJP - Delhi isn't a Punjabi trading outpost anymore, it is India's most cosmopolitan city whose economy is based completely on services. Good for Auntyji though.
My finger still hurts though. Oh, and I watched CNN-IBN all morning, more fun than the other channels. Arnab was a bit irritating on Times Now. And the smaller channels need help, someone please put them out of their misery. 


Anonymous said...

It's people who have elected and I think the result was fair enough to say that the National parties are loosing their charm as BSP too won the seats and still the National parties still look for the regional parties to support them.
There might be celebrations in the leading parties but they lost most of the seats compared to previous elections.

Speak India said...

I am quite shocked by the Delhi results and being a Delhi-ite, I know one thing for sure, that there has been no development (or minimal) and as far the Delhi Metro, which is still a misconception in the minds of people, is actually a BJP initiative.

I think it is a loss of Delhi and not BJP alone.

The politics hatao aandolan will do no good to the common man (especially the middle class).Something more realistic and objective is needed.

IR said...

bjp lost in delhi because they messed up their campaign as you pointed out , malhotra was out of sync , he is the mp from my area and he has never shown his face in the last 4 yrs.
bjp did not take voters seriously and lost because of it.

yes, delhi is no longer punjabi dominated , with more and more migrants coming into the city , however i dont understand what has that got to do with the bjp's loss , they did not field pnjabi candidates in non-punjabi areas ?

if anything they lost in a punjabi dominated area ( kalkaji )because of the good rapport of the local mla.

sheila dikshit by the way is also a punjabi married to a UP walla , and her cabinet will be all pleassing with representation from each ethinic group in the city, so much so for cosmopolitanism !

Anonymous said...

Ostrich head in the sand...

Anyone here remember power cuts in pre 2000-01 or did everyone here live in Lutyens zone and the diplomatic enclave?

How about the traffic jams at AIIMS crossing and Dhaula Kuan? or getting to Gurgaon?

Get real. Delhi has improved dramatically over the last 8 years I have lived in and around the city. Miles to go for sure, but it is far better governed than it was under a BJP government.

More power to Sheila...

The day BJP comes to power again, will be a really sad day for this country. I can't believe a journalist welcoming the thought police...