Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Google just sent over a press release on their India Zeitgeist for 2008, at least the first eleven months of the year. Anyway, other than discovering that Google sanitises their Zeitgeist before sending it out - compare Katrina Kaif and Sex on Google Trends (also I'm worried that Mallu's think so much about sex). Even the most popular search term for the year according to Google which is Orkut, loses out to 'Sex' (It is however, ahead of 'Porn'). Of course, Google would like you to believe that Kat Kaif is more popular than sex in India. You know, not all journalists are that dumb, sure a hell of a lot of us are (and some of us know that there is a helpful Google service called 'Trends'), like the anchor who said that Sheila Dikshit was the FIRST Chief Minister to be elected three times in a row. Well, she wasn't Bong so she forgot that Jyoti Basu's path to ruination was endorsed four times by the voters of West Bengal. Thankfully, her boss corrected her. Anyway, I found this part of the Zeitgeist the funniest though - the Top 10 'How To' searches in India.
Top 10 “How to” do stuff
1. How to reduce weight
2. How to kiss
3. How to earn money
4. How to get pregnant
5. How to learn English
6. How to gain weight
7. How to play guitar
8. How to create a website
9. How to impress a girl
10. How to tie a tie
Well, sometimes this country does not fail to amaze me...


Morpheus said...

interesting..and hilarious..and surprising...

Atul Vishwanathan said...

Ur sure No 4 is not 'How not to..."?

K said...

Cut and Paste from the Press Release!

Salauddeen said...

Didn't Modi, CM of Gujarat win three consecutive elections?