Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Newfound addiction

I have realised that painkillers, well popping them, quite a lot of them in fact, does nothing towards making me a better writer. So much for that theory and I will have to move back to the earlier shit. Well, the truth of the matter is that I actually have been way laid by a bad nail, and until recently did not quite understand the meaning of pain. Though, my mother, bless her, told me that this is nothing compared to a mislaid wisdom tooth. And I'm going to go meet my dentist the moment I'm off antibiotics.
Anyway, during the past three days of intense pain, none of it because of VK Malhotra's spectacular implosion in the Delhi elections, I've been watching the first season of Dexter and trying to put down, on a MS Word file at least, my back story. You know, strange escapades to Manali and with strange Israeli's. I'm yet to get to the time when I decided that I wanted to be part of the Arabian Sea, but that is not stuff for this blog given that this is not about titillation at all, is it?
But anyway, so what now? What in the aftermath of yesterday's vote? Honestly, I have no fucking clue, but then again I don't pretend to have a clue like some people on TV, even the highly paid ones talking through their asses. Which is why I watched Dexter all through the afternoon, catching seat updates every hour or so. All, I do know and I wrote yesterday is that the BJP should get jolted after this, jolted enough to make sure that they can storm back in 2009. And step one is making sure that a lot of people shut up. Six months to go before the big one, so let the campaigning begin.
And enough of the Combiflam already. I need my espresso back!

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skylark333 said...

K, you should not sound personally hurt on BJP's loss in Delhi. I also perhaps expecting and wishing a change here but on second thoughts, how can they win when they are fighting only on terror plank and nothing else? On terror also, they were only ranting usual rhetoric as Congress always reminded voters about the times when they escorted Azhar Mahmood personally to Kandhar and also about similar intelligence failure when Parliament was attacked. This is just to say that BJP should have found larger issues and better allies than Bajrang Dal activists and hate-mongers.
However, you seemed to be exhorting BJP to start campaigning for the Lok Sabha election if they really want to win the elections ! I do not know your reasons for wanting to win BJP - I wish people like you should join this Party and make an attempt to make it more liberal in its outlook.
You surely are a young man with seemingly large number of friends and acquaintances and of course hundreds and hundreds readers of your Blog - I mean, you have become almost like those who wield lot of influence at least on the 'people like us' !
I was wondering, if the world-wide recession has set you thinking about certain things? Please, please try to look beyond the 'great middle class' despite your job compulsions - I wish, the bright writers like you should always be willing to see more, learn more and then guide the society, nation whatever you call it.
And one more thing ! Din't I tell you many month back that BRT, after all, is not a bad idea for a city like Delhi where most people still travel by Buses, though the stretch chosen and the way of executing may be faulty. You seem to be still so angry with BRT - I think, people thought that Sheila Aunty was sincere in her efforts! Just tell me honestly, don't you think that Aunty is really charming and sweet? :-)