Friday, November 14, 2008


Well, we all knew things aren't that great, but here is a story that puts it down in words. Many of these supplements are also being cut because advertisers have dried up. Nwspapers have also started slimming down slowly but surely, editions that were bursting at the 32-page limit with an obscene ad-edit ratio have suddenly been chopped to 28 pages and talk has already started of 24 page editions. While the occasional 32 page edition slips through, the sudden drop in the size of the papers is indication enough that things are not too good. The impact on television will be a bit muted right now, but I personally believe that if things do not improve by the first quarter of next year, and I'm willing to bet twenty bucks that they will not, budgets might be slashed. Not mildly cut, but slashed. the only safe haven I can think of right now is cricket but then we have to keep playing the way we have been playing.
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