Saturday, November 08, 2008


I watched a first day movie yesterday after ages, and I must admit I felt a bit iffy after Quantum of Solace. Brilliantly executed action scenes but the first 30 minutes seems like this endless action sequence. Daniel Craig betrays no emotion and does a brilliant job, I mean the guy is a fantastic actor. But, it is as if, 007 has to be more intense than anything before and my god the scenes are intense, its just that the movie feels like a blur of action at times. This is a great movie to watch again, but on a nice home theatre. But it felt good to go to a movie hall again, it really did. Watching the Arsenal beating Manchester United right now, but given our recent form I just hope we can hold on.
I drove the Audi R8 today, smoked the tyres a bit and had an absolute blast, and before that ran about with the new Maruti A-star, which wasn't bad at all. I'm wondering if I should go down to the Renault F1 run down Rajpath tomorrow morning. Plus, if any event guys are watching this, please, please skip the dancing girls at events. Getting a team of badly dressed hookers to dance does not make your event a success. Enjoy your weekend, and if you haven't been reading Newsweek's insider account of the US Elections you're missing something.
Just one last thought, now that Barack Obama has won what happens to Newsweek's resident twat - Fareed Zakaria? I've heard rumours that he might get an administrative post doing the rounds of Delhi journo circles, which is scary. But the man writes badly and is extremely irritating, but anyway...
Ten minutes to go and the Arsenal still lead!


Mr. Banerjee said...

Everyone should read Newsweek's 7 part series on how BHO got elected President. It's fantastic. The 1st part is now online.

Has anyone seen that show hosted by Zakaria on CNN? It's not particularly good but I'm begining to hate Wolf Blitzer. He's getting extremely irritating by day. Late Edition on CNN used to be an intersting show.

btw, those hologram "star wars" stuff are really faux holograms. They just digitally mumbo-jumboed images onto the TV screen. Blitzer was talking to an empty space on election night. But CNN indeed had the best coverage, both on election night and the whole election cycle.

They gave CNN in most calcutta cables for 2 days, 4th and 5th before yanking it off air again. I'm not much of a communist conspiracy theorist but looks like the US consulate here might have pulled some strings.

Anonymous said...

I saw the movie after getting drunk. The plot just swayed in 3D in front of my eyes. It was such a pathetic plot that I slept. Maybe it seemed so because of the drink.

Nirav Dave said...

Regarding Quantum of Solace, let me be frank, i didn't really enjoy the move to the extent as it didn't really live up to my expectations.

Very well exceuted but script is as usual and not gr8 or unique at all. For some reason I don't find Daniel Craig suits the Bond role.