Monday, November 03, 2008

What are the odds...

OK, so my favourite football team has managed to get themselves in a bit of a funk of late, but Lewis Hamilton did leave it rather late last night. I mean rather, rather late. I know the Brazilian papers will all be talking about the Timo Glock conspiracy theories but I think Karun Chandok called the race brilliantly on Star Sports last night. Karun might be India's first viable driver in F1, and if he didn't he will make a brilliant commentator. Man, Steve Slater is quite a twat, but the look of disbelief on Massa's father's face and then to see Nicole jumping up and down (LH doesn't wish his girlfriend was hot as her, since he has her) was quite a sight. What a race!
But two hours of madness came to a dramatic end and what are the chances of another black man, albeit one who doesn't wear lipstick (instead his lips show the signs of long-term tobacco abuse) winning a big event. I mean two years ago no-one had heard of him outside a few select circles, and now Barack Obama might take the big prize. I don't know if he will be a good president, but my god he is an awesome speaker. The problem for America is that the world wants Obama to win and if Obama loses, the US will lose so much credibility with the rest of the world, no matter what they do it will take them a long time to recover it. If Obama wins he will have quite a honeymoon period with the rest of the world, and supposedly 'equal' countries in Europe will wonder why they haven't elected minority leaders to top positions.


Anonymous said...

well it looks like Karun will definitely be relegated to commenting for F1 rather than sit in the driver's seat of an F1 car, unless the likes of Vijay Mallya help him in realizing his F1 dream, which in the current context looks like a distant probability.

'IF OBAMA WINS' the likelihood of which thoroughly lies within the abilities of the senator himself. He may have won the hearts of many with his influential and idelogical oratory skills but it is left to be gathered whether they materealize. In my view he may just about get away with his gift of gab. However, with his view on foreign policies being quite sketchy he may not find himself in the good books of other economies just yet.

Mr. Banerjee said...

I don't know. I quite like Steve Slater's commentary. It's energetic and his insider knowledge of paddock gossip doesn't hurt. Although he does make a mistake or few from time to time. It was one of the greatest F1 races ever, tough.

The US election reporting by the Indian media, expecially the print has been awful and quite inadequate. Only Chidanand is any good. I think CNN IBN has been the best but that's only because they have their big sister over at Atlanta to switch over to.
btw, we are not getting CNN here at Calcutta. This is freaking me off. BBC's US election reporting reporting sucks.

Not that i care much. The best place to get news and analysis on US politics and elections are the insider sites and political news reporting blogs. Teagan Goddard's Political Wire, The Fix by Chris Cillizza (of Washington Post) are notable.
For polling and election statistics fiends, Nate Silver's will be like high quality Colombian cocaine.