Saturday, February 16, 2008


The last week or so has been very hectic for me, I've gone onto work overdrive, which isn't a bad thing. So obviously I needed a break and I gave myself one last by getting me to 6-Month Story at Chattarpur. I don't quite recall the chain of events after my third very-watered down drink. Anyway, the past week has also seen a lot of publicity for this blog, one writer called me a 'PC revolutionary' (Guess the piece, its on Page 11) and the blog being full of angst and bravado. Well, bravado, maybe, angst at bad writing, what's wrong in that? I've also been called an 'Internet joker', for spreading the 'Teri Maa Ki' theory which the Indian cricket team actually used in their defence of surdie and inspired this article. Which I'm still trying to understand. But, because I'm a joker, I must be too dumb to understand.
Of course, there are those off-the-cuff remarks, 'infamous', 'stupid', 'vapid' yada yada yada, but then again at least that gets attention to this blog. I mean ever since I put up a statcounter in mid-2005, we have crossed 250,000 pageviews, average daily pageviews currently are between 400-600 a day, which isn't bad actually considering several hundred more people subscribe to various feeds of this blog. But first an explanation, I did not deliberately try to get caught up in the NewsX fiasco, it just happened, the entire episode happened to play out on the web and this blog became the battlefield. But when you are onto something would you really stop, especially when you consider that every single blogger is a traffic whore. And the ones who claim to rise above it all and pontificate on things that are way beyond their comprehension are also whores, because they all have Google Adsense. Heck, I am actually going to get my first cheque from Google soon. Not that this blog hasn't made me money before through some randowm writing assignments, a couple of paid for ads and now I am informed that Nokia wants me to join their 'Soul of the Night' blogging bandwagon, whereby I take happening pictures of Delhi's happening 'nightlife'. That should be interesting. Anyway, the coming week should not be as maddening as the week that whizzed by, so more posts then!

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Anonymous said...

how do you assume VS was referring to you in the internet jokers piece????