Thursday, February 07, 2008

More peeves among infamy...

One of my colleagues was recently told by stupid peer, "Oh, so you work with K, who writes that infamous blog." Said colleague, a fairly senior one who has known of the existance of this online piece of tripe for a while was failry horrified. "Why infamous?", he asked stupid peer, "Don't you have to do shit to become infamous, all that bugger does is sleep."
Well, in my defence, unlike many other bloggers I do have a fairly decently paying day job, which could pay me more, but, well I guess I would need serious plastic surgery for that. But that said, infamy is not something I aspire towards, many 'reports' on this blog were made by commenters, correctly or incorectly. Yes, I have an opinion, I think some people who have lofty egos should be brought down to earth, and no I am not jealous of a person whose honeymoon was funded by taxpayer money and we ain't talking about Sarkozy and his beautiful wife (be warned, the link has boobies) here.
Now, moving on, I have to go for an interview today and the PR rep called up sometime late last night and said, "Your article on XYZ was fantastic." It well might have been, though it could also have been written in a deadline-beating, stream-of-consciousness ten minute burst, which is rather more likely. But, that compliment rang hollow, as most of these usually do. I don't know why this happens so often, PR chaps think they can win brownie points with journalists if they give them praise. I very often get, "You won an award, you must be very good." The award was six frikkin years ago, it is just a trophy that sits fornlornly somewhere in my house. The problem is that giving these compliments is not going to win you brownie points with me, or a lot of other journalists for that matter. If you want to massage my ego, there are other things to. But one of those does not include telling me, "Your blog is fantastic/infamous/vile" either.

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