Thursday, February 14, 2008


After firing off a post a day for the first week of the month, I've hardly posted this week. To cut a long story short, this is not because I was cornered and beaten up goons or journalists with a penchant for cheap booze, rather this is more like punishment from the boss, who went like, "I can see you've been writing a lot, so why don't you write for the f***ing place that pays you", and proceeded to dump a ten-pager on me. That coupled with the fact that my chest is weighed down by a few tons of phlegm is the reason that I've been out of action. But fear not, hardy readers, I shall be back.. I guess. By the way, The V is not rejoining EchTee as some have said, since his pay-out from INX was 'substantial' (because he was also bought out of NewsX where he had a ten percent stake) he has enough money to buy an island and retire to a life of Foie Gras with Truffle oil as someone told me. Dang! But, the NewsX news is 'still' not over, the tree is still shedding leaves and some people have come out of the picture hating all the egos involved and I couldn't blame them because they didn't get the three-month severance pay packet.
It also appears that Deccan Chronicle and MJ Akbar have fallen out finally, and another journalist from ABP's erstwhile 'golden' era has been put out to pasture. Not that nobody has made significant amounts of money in the process. And that is what everybody has been doing, making money at the altar of truth. The problem is that all indications suggest that four-years of misrule are beginning to show on the economy and one of the first sectors that will feel the heat will be the media. Let teh fun and games begin.


Anonymous said...

Some guys have all the luck...Somehow the V always ends up on the V-ictory podium, any which way.

Anonymous said...

How could I miss this blog for such a long time? Of course, this shows my limitations in getting to know about really happening things in the media, it also shows that your jealous colleague didn't much mention about your blog in their columns. When recently, Mail Today cited it, I remembered that I had heard about it a long time back but forgot later. This time, I didn't make the mistake and checked it almost immediately. In one of your posts, you mentioned something about you being a Bong, let me tell you I hate them for their cockiness but can it be helped. I mean, I am overawed - sometimes they patronize you ......may be my profession and my being a 'hindi' type. anyway, dear K, you are doing a splendid job - and for years now. This amazes me. I am sure you will keep doing it without our exhortations!!!